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Bah! I just open up a few chapters at a time, and if I have to go back and forth to check something, I just pop over to a different window. Ain't no big deal.

I'm baffled when programmers come up with solutions to problems that don't really exist. Any decent word processing program like MS Word can handle stuff like this with no problem.

"In theory," you can write an entire novel as one file, and then use sections and other dividers to only deal with pieces of it at a time. You can also link separate chapter files together and have them automatically update page numbers and all kinds of stuff like that. Me, I think that's too much to worry about in the writing process. I figure, just a chapter at a time is fine.

When I write a new chapter, I also open the previous chapter, a file that describes all of the characters, and sometimes the synopsis/timeline. That's all I need. I think using a computer to do any more work for you is silly, but that's just me.

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