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"That's So Gay" -- Not Cool

The Pecman

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This is a public service commercial that should be aired a lot more:


Very powerful message. I hope to god people will watch it and think about what they say.

On the other hand: I plead guilty to occasionally saying, "uh, that's Too Gay." I stand by that, especially when I actually mean "over-the-top, effeminate, in-your-face Gay." Like a pink T-shirt with a giant pen!s logo on it (which I saw a guy wearing tonight at Universal Citywalk in LA).

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Very interesting.

I found the comments interesting as well.

I wondered about the, "That's so gay," comment since I first heard it some time ago.

On the one hand I didn't like it, then I considered that it wasn't all that different to my initially being offended by the adoption of the word "Queer" to describe the gay community.

In my youth being called queer was as offensive as you could get, yet we managed to turn it on its head to become a symbol of pride.

Now we see a smart-assed street language trying to corrupt a polite word for being queer, gay.

Yet this video also takes a 'political correct stance' in its confrontation over the use of the phrase, "That's so gay."

I don't much like that either.

I would prefer to see a retaliation in a decently thought out satire.

Maybe we just have to ignore it, or alternatively find ways to confront the people who say it.

So given the need to be careful, I would be very prone to responding to someone who said, "That's so gay," with a loud response of, "Oh, and your not?"


"Yeah that's what I told you in bed last night."


"How do you know ?"


while looking at the guy's crotch, say loudly, "I thought you were getting happy when you saw it."


"Have you looked in the mirror lately?"

or if you really want to be nasty,

"You mean, like your sister's wedding?"

Inevitably, we have to have understand that this kind of language is the, usually, young guy trying to declare his sexuality by putting down what he is afraid of, that he might be gay himself. He is no different to the homophobe except that his bullying is less physical.

Nevertheless, it is hurtful. It was hurtful to a whole generation of gay people to be called queer.

Maybe it is best ignored. I think we have too much ownership of the word "gay" for this kind of use to be anything other than a passing fad.

I think I will just respond in my deepest most aggressive voice, "Do you mean, like me?"

But then I am old enough to get away with such a confrontation, in the right place and time. :wav:

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They lost their suit and we are free to use the term as we wish, but preferably not as in "That poster is so "lesbian"". :wav::lol: :lol:

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Hey, I'm just trying to emulate some of those really good stand up comics. You always refer back to something else used previously, as a comic 'hook'. :wav:

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Hey, I'm just trying to emulate some of those really good stand up comics. You always refer back to something else used previously, as a comic 'hook'. :wav:

And very comic it was too. :lol:

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