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RIP Scooter :(

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I know many of you don't read the blogs, so a brief excerpt here.

My cat has been ill for 13 days. I visited last visited her Wednesday 3 December. During that visit, Scooter told me it was time, but I didn?t say anything to anyone because I was waiting for final word to make sure.

The tumour doesn?t need a biopsy. It?s malignant and there are signs it?s spreading. There is no surgical option, there is not chemotherapy option, and there is no radiation option.

I asked the doctor if we could bring Scooter home for her final moments, and normally the doctor doesn?t do that. But she would have been willing for me as a special favour except it?s very painful for her to be moved. She just hurts too much where the tumour is pressing into her nerves.

Scooter has been with me since about 1987 when she moved in and adopted me -- she was between 1 and 2 years old. That?s how me and her primary vet arrived at her age. This has been really hard on me. Scooter is my best friend. I love her more than anyone. I?d find this a lot easier to do to a person than to my cat. If you?re a pet owner, you get this. This hurts more than I can explain. I?m dying inside.


Today, it was time. I tried really hard not to totally collapse. I failed. This was definitely the hardest thing I ever had to do. I went in, and did all the paperwork. I was doing okay until they gave me a choice of urns to select. That?s when I started to cry.

I went back and visited Scooter in her holding cell. The original plan was to take one last photo of me and kitty. Neither one of us was in any shape to have a photo. So there isn?t one.

She knew. She knew I knew.

After brushing her, they picked her up, along with all her bedding as it was the safest way to move her. I would have carried her except at the point I was in bad shape. They kept asking if I was sure I could do this. The answer was no, but I said ?I?m going to try.?

In the room, I totally broke down and wailed ?I can?t do this? but I held on to Scooter. The vet explains there would be a pink injection and then a yellow one, and it?s over in about 90 seconds. ?She?s gone,? the vet said. She never closed her eyes, the whole time and I never let go. Then I ran out the door and drove home. I hate life right now. I miss her so much.

In Pace Requiscat.


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My condolences...I know what it likes to lose a pet....

I was however (GASP!) surprised at the longevity of your cat (1987!)

You must have done something right...I think that Scooter has already been old & that perhaps it's time to go

Hard and sad, I know :shock: I would have preferred that pet animals have human years, ah well...

Rest in Peace Scooter

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