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by Camy

On Monday I'm an 'Other'

On Tuesday I'm a man

On Wednesday, if the wind blows East

I'm an Emu and quite elan

Intersex on Thursday

Friday I keep free

The weekend's always sacrosanct

For flaming debauchery.

I wrote this because of an article in the Australian Daily Telegraph. I've read some weird and wacky ideas in my time - and I'm certainly not against it ... it's just that ... we are who we are, aren't we? Do official labels really help?

The Article

Government human rights arm pushes for third gender

THE Federal Government's human rights arm plans to invent a new official status called "intersex" adding it to male and female as a legally recognised gender.

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission wants people to be able to change their gender on their passports and driving licences even if they do not undergo surgery.

And transgender lobby groups say that even this does not go far enough and are demanding a fourth legal gender called "other" for people who feel like their gender is indefinable or changes from day to day.

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Camy, I couldn't get your link to connect.

I think this link is the same as the other to which you refer.

I have always been into sex myself. (Well since puberty anyway.)

As I have more inclinations towards homosexuality, I find encounters with the same kind more interesting than encounters with the other (kind).

The preoccupation with labels is somewhat distracting from the rigours of getting ones rocks fulfilled. I note that in nature, we humans seem to be the only ones worried about completing a questionnaire on the attributes of a partner before we hump their leg of other body parts.

More labels is to my mind, the wrong way to go. We simply need to recognise that healthy, consenting humans, like sex, and that any attempts to legislate the often changing variations is somewhat unnecessary, (after allowing for congenital malfunctions of the genitals, of course.)

Your poem seems to be of similar bent, with its rather pointed but free wheeling satire. I love it!

May I add a small homage to your insight?

Apples and Oranges.

Between sexual engagements,

I spend most of my time,

Arranging my orangutan oranges,

For the sole purpose of dabbles,

With other orangutans' oranges.

However, I don't avoid other apes' apples,

After all, fruit is still fruit,

And mostly just as sweet.


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