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New Mexico Domestic Partnership Bill

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Why is equality so not tolerated? Last year the Domestic Partnership bill lost in the New Mexico Senate by one vote. About an hour and a half ago, it lost again, but this time by 25 to 17. What happened to the senators that voted for us last year?

I had mentioned in another forum here about this historic legislation here in New Mexico. I feel that I need to report the sad results.

I think I'm going to go outside right now...and scream my head off.

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The drive for equality is driven from below, not from the entrenched powers. If there is a perceived threat to those powers, or their way of life, they won't give an inch. That's the problem with the religious conservatives, they perceive a power shift if they let go, and they are fighting it every step of the way.

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I totally agree with you, Trab, but don't understand what this threat they're perceiving is. How is offering equality to God's children a threat? How is acting on the principles of the Christian religion a threat? I guess they really believe the entire script of the bible is holy, that adulterors should be stoned to death, and that mixing fabrics is a mortal sin. Or some such nonsense.

I don't mind them enjoying their own insanity, or to be kinder, their irrationality. I object when they visit it on the rest of us.


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