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Domestic Partnerships Fail in New Mexico

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I sympathise Richard. Recently our Aussie federal government recognised de facto couples in any sexual relationship, and the first thing that happens is that all the older pensioners discovered that from July 1st, they will be paid at the lesser couples rate of pension rather than the two individual full pensions they have been receiving. The moral is, be careful what you wish for.

Oh and the same sex couples still cannot get married.

I say no more or I will deliver of a tirade of abuse on the bigots and believe me, that would not be a pretty sight or a polite post. :shock:

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Richard, I posted a comment to the article, and while I don't expect it to turn anything around, it may have at least a small effect on thinking.

What I commented: "I've always enjoyed my vacations in NM, and found the people there to be 2nd to none, but I'm afraid the reactionary quaint attitude towards my sexual orientation has grown a little too entrenched now to consider coming back. Adios. It was nice; I can only hope your good will and decency comes back eventually."

The concept of the post is based on my mother's profound thinking, "If you can't convince them of the right thing, hit them in the pocketbook." I must say that more and more I think those of alternate orientations, specifically GLBTQ, should mount regular strikes. No big flashy parades, but on some specific days of the year, we are all mysteriously 'ill'. Ironically, we can use 'their' own statements that we are 'sick' against them.

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There is still hope in California, however.


I'm not so sure Cole. I just finished watching the 365gay.com live webcast of the arguments in front of the CA Supreme Court. I know that the justices had to play devil's advocate to ferret out substance, but this doesn't look good for CA. :shock:

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