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Popular energy drink owned by Michael Savage


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From wiki: Rockstar Energy Drink products are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by The Coca-Cola Company (except in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, where Rockstar retains its original distributors)

Rockstar has announced it will be switching distributors from Coca-Cola to PepsiCo in spring or summer 2009

Rockstar's ownership is what it is. If you want to hurt them go after their distributor. Coke and Pepsi are both very conscious about their public image and niether one would want to be seen within 100 miles of Michael Savage and his ignorant rantings.

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Rockstar switches distributor from Coca-Cola to Pepsi.

Thanks for the alert E.J.

James has a great point about highlighting the distributors. Rockstar's owners are condemned by the words, the vitriol, out of their own mouths.

I'd rather drink water.

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