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Coming Soon- Twilight

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Coming Soon to a Story Site Near You!

Don't Miss Twilight!

Thomas Ross, a 16 year old high school junior from Colorodo Springs, Co finds himself responsible for 4 kids as the world around them plunges into a deadly epidemic and war.


The beauty of Eagle Rock made it easy to forget the chaos in the outside world. The boys were sitting on the sun porch watching the sunset in the West. The warm west wind was blowing across a hillside of Lupines bearing their sweet honey like scent.

Bobby pointed to the South-West and asked, "What is that?"

Just over the horizon a flash was blooming getting brighter and brighter until it rivaled the setting sun.

Tom said, "Don't look at it! Get inside."

As he looked over his shoulder and saw a huge mushroom cloud rising over the horizon...


This story is rated PG-13

Written by: James Savik

Edited by: TalonRider

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Jamessavik is available for promotion of your latest story. If you have to ask, "How much?" You can't afford him.

James, that is the best promotional campaign since Ben-Hur. :icon_twisted:

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