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Google Earth for Twilight Readers

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A great deal of Twilight takes place in exotic locales in the Pacific Ocean. Here's a tip for those of you that are curious to explore this amazing Ocean.

In upcoming chapters of Twilight involves a number of ships at sea. I thought about using GPS coordinates. While precise, those numbers really tell you nothing.

I wasn't sure exactly how to handle it so I used the traditional longitude and latitude notation which looks like:

30 24' N 88 55' W

If you want to find the ships exact position, you can use goggle earth and cut & paste the coordinates directly into the "Fly to" tab.

Goggle earth will read the coordinates and take you there.

You may need to expand the scale because it will put you at the highest possible resolution.

30 24' N 88 55' W << cut & paste this one in Goggle Earth and see where it takes you. (Hint: it's where one of my favorite sea food resterants is located)

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Keesler AFB? I don't remember a sea food place at Keesler AFB! I spent a couple of years there one summer/fall (Rick shudders as suppressed memories rise to the surface, all unbidden).



Not Keesler specifically but I'm sure you can find some Dixie Beer and raw oysters in Biloxi, Mississippi. Katrina screwed things up but some of my favorites have since rebuilt. I've got history at Hook, Line & Sinker.

Hook, Line & Sinker

Ole Biloxi Schooner

If that's not to your tastes, go west to Gulfport and you'll find Lil Ray's Po-boys

I'm going down to the Coast to do some work soon and you can be sure I'll eat my weight in shrimp & crawfish. :bbq[1]::w00t:

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Ahhh, Okay. Your favorite Biloxi places bracket Keesler air plane patch to the east and west. I don't remember either place specifically, although I ate at a bunch of places on the beach to avoid the food in the Keesler chow halls (insert puking smiley here). You'll have to tell me whether or not the drive through liquor store on the beach is still there...I always thought the concept was a scream...

Have a great time in Ole' Biloxi, and eat a plate of crawfish for me!


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OK. Off topic but I though I take you to dinner Gulf Coast old school style.


A "boat" of Crawfish- consists of crawfish, corn on the cob, onions and red potatoes boiled in a mixture of cajun spices.


Gumbo- is a soup that has shrimp, crab meat, fish and it is often served over rice. There is a great deal of variation in the recipe so it is a little different at every place that serves it. You can have a big bowl as a meal or a cup as an appetizer.


Red Beans & rice- this is an old New Orleans favorite. It is usually served with sausage but if it ain't andouie sausage, it is considered heresy and the bishop of New Orleans will excommunicate you.


Shrimp Po-boy- the po-boy is a New Orleans style sandwich on French or Sourdough bread served with fires or slaw. There are all sorts of po-boys but shrimp is my favorite. Other popular ones are chicken, roast beef, oyster and crawfish. This is a quickie lunch you'll remember for a while.


Creole Style seafood platter- this is a fairly typical seafood platter done in creole style featuring redfish, stuffed crab, scallops, shrimp and oysters.

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Cajun style seafood platter- this is a Cajun style seafood platter. The difference? Mostly in the spicing, the breading and the portions. The old joke is "serves 1 cajun or 3 ordinary people".


Raw oysters it takes some courage to eat the first one but you'll finish the plate! Serves with cocktail sauce, horseradish and lemon.


Dixie beer. What else can I say?


Here is theold Dixie beer brewery on Tulane Avenue in New Orleans.

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No fair James! You're making me hungry!

I was able to go to New Orleans this past winter for a bowl game. (GO UTES!!) Anyways, I had some delicious food whilst there: gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp, and don't for the beignets! It was a great trip, and I hope to visit again soon.

Now, excuse me while I go and raid the pantry...

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