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by Camy

I knew for sure

true love would never find me

I sat there wallowing

in my own personal brand of misery

Women came and went

Some I loved, some were just delicious

But we never clicked,

until I saw your face at last

And I was truly horrified!

'cause you were not a girl at all

But my best friend for whom I would gladly die,

and a man to cap it all.

So I leapt into the closet

Behind the coats, behind the duvets

There was no way at all

that I could possibly ever be gay

There I spent my teens,

my twenties, and almost my thirties

Before I realised if there was a god

this is what he'd meant me to be

Out I jumped and took your hand

You were as shocked as I was

True love blossoms where it's found,

that we're both men doesn't matter at all.

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