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Gay Rights March on DC


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There was a march in dc and Speeches/rally Cynthia nixon spoke, Ms shepard, ((Matthew's mom), Dustin Lance Black, Lady Gaga, Lt Dan Choi.

Lt Dan Choi and nixon, judy sheppard are my favorite speeches. they all on youtube, dustin's and lady gaga's are good as well.

it goes from cynthia nixon introducing judy shepard, mostly it's judy's speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4JcXU-zLXw

Cynthia Nixon's speech.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o43Iu0JZgTU Dustin Lance black.

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Also covered in this report on the BBC

Drewbie is obviously keeping an eye on all this for us.

I would add to the speakers above, that while they fight in the USA for equality for LGTB people throughout their nation, there occurs to me that freedom reaches its zenith when in some hopefully soon generation, all humanity will realise that expressing love physically, emotionally, spiritually, are all natural conditions of our humanity, as well as being our human right.

The ancient doctrines and superstitions must come to yield to humanity's natural inclination to express their love to and for each other.

It seems to me that for forever and a day, the LGTB people have been the ones who have safeguarded, at enormous cost to themselves, the love that is at the heart of the human condition and experience.

If children are taught to hate the differences in others they will grow up to be racist, homophobic, hateful.

The universality of the experience of love is not something easily denied, but it does need nurturing, it needs respect and the opportunity to flourish for goodness. Teach a child to hate others and you do so at your own peril.

Accepting being gay is only a step to all humanity realising love is the centre, the reason, the sanity of our human existence.

And if you interpret that to mean we are all capable of loving each other physically, then I won't argue with you.

The goal is to realise, that for compassion, freedom, love and equality, to have ever been thought of as other than our life's fulfillment, is as astounding as it will hopefully become laughable.

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What a pathetic article in Time. :icon_twisted:

I find it hard to believe (although maybe it is only my own perception?) but they seemed to me to be concentrating on discussing the newsworthiness and longevity of the march, rather than the underlying disenfranchisement of the marchers. :rolleyes:

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TIME has always taken the 'conservative path.'

I grew up with Time magazine, and my arch-conservative father frequently referred to it as a "Liberal Dog" magazine, particularly in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A lot of that was due to the politics of owner Henry Luce and his family.

It ain't exactly the National Review in terms of conservatism, but I think there's been an effort to move the magazine towards the middle in the last 20 years. But there's no way it leans to the right, especially after the Obama campaign last year.

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I've heard Time called a liberal rag and an right wing apologist. Funny how that works. For myself, I find it sometimes leaning left, sometimes right, but all the time more self-promoting than I'd like. Its writers seem to try too hard to show how smart they are, and often miss the forest for the trees when doing so. This article has some of that in it, me thinks.


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From MY liberal viewpoint... it has always leaned right. Which as a journalist, I tried never to do in my professional writings/newscasts.

I used to read Newsweek over Time. But I guess I go back a lot further than most of you... anyway.... I won't be making any more pronouncements....

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Hey, Dude. I wasn't really disagreeing with you. In fact, I also have found Time right of center much more frequently than left. I've seen it on both sides of issues, but will certainly not argue that they're more comfortable sitting squarely on the right most of the time.

I was always told US News and World Reports was the most middle ground weekly news magazine, but I subscribed for awhile and could always see a political viewpoint being pushed in that one too. It's so hard to get any strictly unbiased news here. The best place I know to get that is to listen to the BBC. Their reports on US affairs seem much less biased than anything we get here.


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Its writers seem to try too hard to show how smart they are, and often miss the forest for the trees when doing so. This article has some of that in it, me thinks.

That's hard to argue with! I think Cole has hit the nail on the head.

Nobody's worse than having this smug attitude than Vanity Fair. Very entertaining magazine, but man, those guys are full of themselves. Yet they also win a lot of journalism awards and stuff, and their pro-gay coverage is terrific.

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Time has slipped into the same sewer as cable news channels. They don't have reporters any longer; they have commentators.

An Obama spokesperson attacked Fox News today saying it was acting like it was the apologist for and communications arm of the Republican Party. A representative from Fox News said that viewers could tell the difference between reporting and commentary even if the administration could not... what a load of bull-bleep. Fox News and Time and many other so-called news outlets have found that commentary sells and news doesn't. And that's to our disadvantage as readers, viewers, and listeners.

Colin :icon_twisted:

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Colin, from here in Oz, Fox news appears as a propaganda network for the Republican conservatives. I find their reporters/commentators to be revolting. Remember our link to the owner of Fox is that Adelaide is Rupert Murdoch's home town. Our local daily paper is owned by him and is not quite as bad as Fox News as it only covers the local sporting and society events, along with the local political bias. It took them 4 days to announce Obama's election win on their website. :icon_twisted:

Needless to say if we want world news we hook into the ABC (Aussie Broadcast Corporation) or the BBC.

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