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Here's to you, Mrs Robinson

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We appear to have our very own Sarah Palin - and some!

A very homophobic, right wing politician, at the age of 59, was having an affair with a 19-year-old boy whose father, a previous fling of hers, had recently died and who she'd promised to look after. At the same time she was spouting vitriol about curing gays and likening them to paedophiles. The complexity of the story and its ramifications beggar belief - read all about it here (you'll need to burrow around on that website to get all the details).

I don't normally weigh into political debate, or get much excited about it, but for some reason this story has me thoroughly riled. So I've written a flash story, fictionalising the account. It's in the Flash Fiction forum here if you'd like to read it.

I called the story 'Stranger' because sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. For instance, yes, her name really is Mrs Robinson! (Shades of 'The Graduate')

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