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Time is Passing


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Time is passing

by Camy

Time is passing swiftly by

Don't try to hold it, 'cause to try's a lie

Just live the life you want to lead

Don't try to force me, I don't want to bleed

I'm not a Catholic or a Protestant man

I'm not Religious, I don't give a damn

I've tried them all for a while or two

To me they're flawed, I saw right through

I don't want to live like this any more

From hand to mouth - that's not what living's for

I want to settle down in a semi detached

Grow roses in the attic of my semi attached ... mind.

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More classy writing from the Camymeister - and a twist in the tail!

Lovely, your Caminess. Now can you set it to music, please?!


Thanks, erm, your Bruinster. I'm glad, nay, chuffed you like it. Though how you know they might be lyrics defeats me! :stare:

Try humming it. It goes: tum-tee-tum-tee-tum-teeeee-tum-tee, and then with a swift flam, tromps on from there ... Ish. :icon_tongue:



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