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What is a life without sex like?


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The recent scandal over the handling of child abuse in the Catholic church has again focused attention on celibacy. But away from the arguments, what is it actually like to lead a life without having sex?

This is, we are told, a highly sexualised society.

In the 21st Century UK, indeed in almost all of the West, sexual imagery can be found in many places, and many young people expect to have a number of sexual partners before eventually settling down.

This perhaps may explain why the idea of a celibate lifestyle, as practised by the clergy of the Catholic Church, as well as adherents of other religions, causes a great deal of puzzlement among non-believers.

"In our sex-dominated society, people tend to view celibacy as a form of sexual anorexia - a sad and lonely state at best, unnatural at worst," says Elizabeth Abbott, author of A History of Celibacy.


An interesting article and worth reading; if just for the comments at the end.

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I'm pretty sure that those with comments about sex being for procreation will also disagree with same sex sex. It is interesting, but I'm surprised they didn't raise the word 'asexual'. There are lots of people who don't have sex because they don't want it; nothing religious about it.

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I don't know and I don't want to know.

If some fucked up religious fanatics want to torture themselves over some misguided bullshit, have at it.

Just leave the alter boys and the rest of us out of it.

I'm so sick of these holier-than-thou pricks with one hand on the bible and the other in some kids underpants.

Maybe I'll start a website. I'll call it GodHatesHypocritReligiousNutMolesters.com

Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

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