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Hi gang,

It's been a long time since we've done a text version of What's New at AwesomeDude.com, but now that AwesomeDude Radio is on hiatus until Labor Day weekend, I'll take this chance to restart our regular weekly posts.

We're doing a bit of updating at AwesomeDude during the month of June, both to the AwesomeDude Site and the Forums.

Des has been doing yeoman service as AD Forums Admin for the past nearly two years and has kept things pretty well 'together' despite the wide diversity of personalities and opinions that play out among our community. For that I wish to thank him profusely. I've determined that with careful scheduling and all your cooperation, I can devote the time needed to managing both the website and the forums. Hopefully, this will give Des the time he so badly needs to develop and write new stories for us. Thanks again, Des.

Our friend Colin Kelly (a.k.a. colinian) has now finished his undergraduate work and -in the interim before his graduate school starts- is writing again. You can find his latest short story Rescue over at Codey's World. I recommend it highly!

Camy's group Kamakura have released their first CD of the same name on June 1st. Look for it in record shops and in online music sellers or you can order it online HERE. Best of luck with the new release to our own Nick and Mick! Listen for it at AwesomeDude Radio when we resume broadcasting (US) Labor Day weekend.

Tragic Rabbit is getting ready to launch his updated Author's Page and also make announcement of several books he now has in print. TR has been writing again and is once again a featured contributor to TheSpoof.com. More details later.

Recent AD Site Updates

Newest Short Stories

Robby's Desire by Rick Beck - Rick describes this story as a more graphic version of his popular short story, To Robby With Love. While you're over to Ricks Author Page you'll find out how to order a signed copy of his latest in print novel, Taz & Kodak

Newest Complete Novels

Maxim Elphberg by Michael Arram - This is the second in the Crown of Tassilo Series

Alex by Tyler Adams - The second novel in a three-part series.

Current Serial Novel Chapters

The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie - Book II - Part 3 - Chapter 38 is now online. Thanks to Jamie and editor AJ for keeping these chapters flowing!

The Bull Singer by DJ - This sequel to The Only Way To Fly is now up to an even dozen chapters.

The Second Nexus by David Clarke - This follow on to The Nexus is turning out to be as exciting and compelling as the first. Now up to Chapter 4! David's Author Page is now online as well!

Project Cerulean MX by The Pecman - Pec's story about 'super sized' teens is now up to Chapter6

Bryce by Pertinax Carrus - A new novel from the author of Dermott & Dermott II set on a college campus.

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah - Chapter 63 is now online! Sequoyah sure likes to write looooong novels :blink:

Sandy & Dan by Ron Robbins - Penultimate Chapter 28 is holding place as Ron tweaks the final

How the Light Gets In by Duncan Ryder - Chapter 16 is now online

Well, that's about it for this week. See you again next time and have a great week of reading!


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Cole Parker has reminded me that I haven't been posting since The Dude and I agreed I needed more time to myself so I could write stories and that he could make the time to step back into administrating the forums.

Being Admin for these nearly two years has been mostly a lot of fun for me, and certainly given me an insight into how much effort has to be made to run a Forum site.

So I just want to say I really did enjoy running around like a crazed monkey, but I am pleased that His Dudeness now has the time available to watch over the Forums. This will mean I can get back to writing my fiction, which is what I have been doing for the past week or so.

So if my postings are not as frequent, it is because I am writing stories that probably are even worse than my posts. We'll have to wait and see. I have a folder full of outlines and never completed stories.

I'd like to thank The Dude for giving me the opportunity to Admin the forums and to all the members for your support during the past couple of years.

Love to you all. :wav:

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I had noticed, and wondered, as much as I allow myself to do that; if you can't possibly know, it's torture to ask oneself "why is that?"

It's always good to hear of good people doing good things for themselves, Des, and if a portion of the result comes back to is in the form of your work, well, you'll hardly get a complaint from me.

A situation where less is a long, long way from little or nothing, and one in which it easy to just be happy for you and wish you the best of everything and in all things.


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Hi Gang... Here's the latest text version of What's New at Awesomedude:

Hylas is back! And with not one, but the first 25 chapters of his current serial novel A Long List of Nevers. To read from the story's Foreword: A midsummer festival in the middle of winter, a warm tropical Australian night, and a forced acquaintance with a stranger. Keith meets the guy of his dreams just as he was about to give up things like finding love and being happy to his long list of nevers.

Why ?you might ask- is AwesomeDude posting the first 25 chapters at one go? This answer is that due to an 'email malfunction' Hylas's initial story submission went ? um? un-noticed and therefore un-answered. Suffice it to say, that error and the resulting delay in getting the story started, prompted me to post what Hylas has produced to date which is the first 25 chapters ? with more to come.

I really like this story and the it is enjoyable to watch the characters develop as the plot unfolds. It is well written and although Hylas has given us several great short stories, this is his first novel at AwesomeDude. It's well worth the read!

Now on to the rest of AwesomeDude? We have a new Complete Novel from Tyler Adams ? titled Almost Straight The other main character from Tyler's In Search of Me; Phil thought that his religious faith demanded he walk "the straight and narrow." It was after his tennis instructor walked into his life that he learned he'd only heard one side of the argument in church. A common theme these days? very adeptly addressed by Tyler Adams.

We've also added this week a new Short Story from Altimexis? titled A Golden Opportunity ? which is NOT part of the Naptown Tales. This change of pace for Altimexis displays his versatility in storytelling and I recommend it. It's currently at the top of our Newest Short Stories list on the AwesomeDude Home Page.

Pertinax Carrus has updated Bryce this week with Chapter 16 which centers on Bryces personal issues with his psychology cource. He involves new boyfriend/dorm-mate Damon in personalaity tests.

The excellent serial novel Triptychs by Douglas updates with Chapter 15 this week and it finds Trevor and boyfriend Erik together again for a little er? close contact. Rush to the chapter for details!

The Bull Singer, DJ's sequel to The Only Way to Fly continues to keep my attention level high as Joey's abusive mother arrives with the police at the boy's hospital room and has Mags charged with sexual assault on a minor. Wow the tension rises in Chapter 27 to a new high. Don't miss this one!

In Cole Parkers's current serial novel, Circumstances, our hero/victim learns to stand up for himself more and more after following the good example set by Gary his new best friend and possibly more. Chapters 25 and 26 are now online? with updates ? two chapters at a time ? to be posted on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Awesomedude.

A bit about the AwesomeDude Radio Weekend Show. While we will often post a 30-minute podcast every weekend? sometimes the schedule will change. This is show number 31. You can always see when a new show is ready to hear by checking the upper right hand corner of the AwesomeDude.com home page.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us with your readership, kind words and donations. If you're inclined to ? and are among those who are in a position to do so ? donations are always welcomed. You can click on 'Kitty' in the upper left hand corner of the AwesomeDude Home Page to contribute by PayPal.

And don't forget our authors. If you like a story ? let it's author know by a comment in the AD Forums Readers Rule section, a direct email to the author or by filling out a comment in the Feedback Form on many of our stories.

That's it for this week's update. Hope you have a great week of reading!

Audio version of this is available as part of AwesomeDude Weekend Show #31

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Time now for What's New at AwesomeDude?

At mid-week, we've added a new short story by Graeme. An inter-stellar space mission is planned and NASA is looking for just the right people ? who are psychologically compatible for the mission which will take the crew most of their lives. The story is called Selection Criteria and defines just that? with the heroes all psychologists and scientists. A fascinating read from Graeme who lives near Melbourne, Australia.

Turning now to serial novels? in Chapter 28 of The Bull Singer, Mags is in trouble? accused of having an unlawful relationship with an underage Joey? but is he guilty? The answer may lie with Joey himself. Catch up on this great story from the UK by DJ.

Chapter 16 of Triptychs by Douglas brings Trevor some unwelcome revelations about new boyfriend Eric and prompts him to reconsider his own spotty dating past. This chapter is an introspective and is an excellent bit of writing. Don't miss it.

In Chapters 29 and 30 of Cole Parker's current serial story, Circumstances Keith's rocky relationship with his mother is overshadowed by an unexpected turn of events, that is sure to be tough on both of them. Check out the chapters of this flash-fiction-turned-serial novel by Cole Parker.

Chapter 17 of Bryce by Pertinax Carrus finds Bryce perplexed and boyfriend Damon fuming over a homophobic sermon at St. Boniface. Although Bryce had accepted his homosexuality he had yet to do anything to express it but that all changes in this chapter. Thus was answered another of Bryce's vital life questions? not only was he gay but he would be a sexually active gay man as well. Kudos to Pertinax Carrus for another extremely well written chapter. The author is taking a couple weeks off to go on vacation, so don't become anxious while he's gone. Bryce will continue as soon as the author gets back into his writing mode.

Some news now from the AwesomeDude Forums? we've added a sub-forum to News and Views for This Way Out? a syndicated radio news program that comes out on Tuesdays. We'll be updating every week so you can keep up with the latest LGBT News. Also even if you don't have a subscription to SiriusXM Satellite Radio? you CAN listen to the hourly newscasts on OutQ, their 27/7 LGBT channel by going to http://www.sirius.com/outq . Click on the speaker in the purple box on the right-hand side of the page to listen.

If you are a gay, bi or questioning young person of school age we want to point you to an excellent resource and source of advice and inspiration. That is http://www.TheMaiCrew.com. The site was created to help gay teens get to know the gay, lesbian, bi, and not-sure kids in their own schools. They can also give you an understanding of when it's good to come out and when it's better to stay in the closet. This is a great site and I can recommend it with no reservations.

You've all heard Azy's reports on our 'little brother' site, Codey's World but did you know Best-of-Nifty ?the high quality readers guide for Nifty- was affiliated with AwesomeDude as well? We want to give you a heads up that you'll soon see a facelift at http://www.Best-of-Nifty.org and closer relationship with the huge and ubiquitous Nifty site as well. The Archivist at asks that if you visit their site? please use the link from Best-of-Nifty or their direct link: http://www.nifty.org.

That's it for this week. Our authors appreciate your feedback on their stories and AwesomeDude appreciates those who contribute to our continued operation by clicking on the Kitty on the upper left hand corner of the AwesomeDude.com homepage, as and donating as well.

This is the dude hoping you have a great week of reading and hope you join us again next time.

Hear the audio version of this update on the AwesomeDude Radio Weekend Show #32.

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A look now at What's New at AwesomeDude.

First of all, Camy ? our talented musician and author ? has brought us a new short story entitled All Sorts? the meaning of which will become apparent as you read the story. I'm sure many of you will identify with the characters in the story.

Douglas, a truly fine author, brings us Chapter 18 of his San Francisco Bay Area novel, Triptychs. Douglas uses the device of setting his characters ? who are quite believable themselves- into familiar settings recognizable by anyone familiar with the Bay Area . Our thanks to Doubles for ?like a real pro- providing us with a new chapter every week.

A huge, complex and breathtaking story is Jamie's epic The Scrolls of Icaria? we have Chapter 41 of Book II ready for you now. I can't say that I've ever read a more compelling fantasy novel in all my years, and the characters are beautifully crafted and presented with the assistance of Master Editor AJ. Wow? what an experience. Check out the latest chapter now!

DJ's serial novel, The Bull Singer continues with Chapter 30 and the author manages to keep each chapter fresh and leaves you on the edge of your chair? wanting more. The story has taken a surprising turn with a number of the main characters facing shocking revelations about their own lives.

Circumstances by Cole Parker, that delightful serial that started as a single Flash Fiction posting in our AwesomeDude Forums, moves along with Chapters 37 & 38 posted this weekend. Remember the chapters are short and there'll be two more new chapters at our mid-week update on Wednesday.

Pertinax Carrus has been away but we hope to have Chapter 18 of Bryce for you next weekend.

We have lots of new stories waiting in the wings at AwesomeDude and most are awaiting the dude's attention in getting them on their respective pages. If you're one of those 'authors in waiting' please take heart. I'm working to get all going in the next few days and weeks.

With all the news about bullying grabbing the headlines ?and with National Coming Out Day this week- we are saddened by those young gay people who believe the only way for them is to take their own lives. Right now, with the help of author Rick Beck and others, we're working on a special section for stories that might give hope to gay youths in distress. If you would like to help with this project, drop me a line at dude@awesomedude.com.

That's a look at What's New at AwesomeDude. See you again soon and in the meantime, have a great week of reading!

Audio version can be heard at AwesomeDude Radio Weekend Show #33 at http://awesomeduderadio.com

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