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You have to wonder how the roughly 10% of U.S. citizens who are gay will "...own America." I didn't realize how much power we have! :wave:

Colin :icon_geek:

It's one of the common ways of gathering support to your cause: scare tactics. Hitler and others were very good at it. Find a group of people, assign them the blame for everything wrong in society, scapegoat them, work people up into a frenzy, and watch as rational thought goes out the window.

Somehow, killing all those Jews didn't make Germany any better, and in fact could have cost them the war as so many great minds were lost. Scapegoating gays seems like it's starting to gain support all of a sudden. When economic times get tough, I guess most any small group is vulnerable to the fanatics.


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Yes there are parallels to Hitler, but times have changed. We're now in a fight to legitimize who we are, and compared to the Third Reich, it's really going the other way, but it's not over yet, a long way from it. I have hope for the first time in years.

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