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It Gets Better, here at AD

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I'm not in a position to post a video to the It Gets Better Campaign website but nevertheless I'd like to say my piece. Maybe there are others here at AD who would like to add our voices to the throng currently speaking to bullied youths?

I suggest this thread as the place here at AD where we can speak to GLBT youths and others who are bullied and who feel that life is something they need to escape from.

Here's my two penn'orth:

When you're twelve, or fifteen, or even eighteen, a year is a very long time. That changes as you get older. If you're one of the kids who are ostracized and persecuted, because in some way you're different or even just because the bullies see you as different, life can seem very hard and it doesn't seem to end. If the adults in authority don't seem to care, or even collude or inspire the bullying, maybe you feel there's no way out. But there is a way out, I promise. You see, it gets better. School doesn't go on forever, you have a whole adult life ahead of you with endless possibilities. You will be able to achieve some dreams, you will be able to realise your potential and bring your own special talents to bear on making this world a better place for you, and particularly for the generation coming after you. The world needs you just as much as it needs me, or Barack Obama, or Nelson Mandela, or David Beckham, or Lady Gaga. You have to live long enough to experience it. It's wonderful, just you wait!

When you don't want to get out of bed in the morning because you know you'll have to face the tormentors again, because the whole school seems to be against you, because you have no-one to talk to, no-one on your side, no-one at your back, remember it gets better. Hang on in there and you'll see. It gets so much better. You have potential, you can achieve great things, you can find a life partner and share your home and your life in a loving relationship. You can do it. And who knows, maybe you can play a part in ensuring that the next generation of young people don't have to suffer like you and I did. They need us. We need you. Don't give up now, just when it's about to start getting better.

Listen to what older people are saying to you, hear what they've made of their lives. There are Teachers, Councillors, Doctors, Social Workers who have done great things in their communities, and who have achieved truly happy, satisfying lives. They're telling you that they are glad they endured the bullying. You can endure it too. When you think you can't bear it, find someone to talk to. Try the Trevor Project and talk to someone you trust in your own community. Is there a relative? If not your parents, is there a grandparent, uncle or aunt? Or maybe your doctor, or someone at school? You don't have to deal with this alone, but you must find your support network. The Trevor Project is a good place to start.

You are loved, and I'm here to tell you so.


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