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The iPlug

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My story pages here at AD have been updated, and a little explanation may be warranted.

The iPlug is my attempt at science fiction and I'm quite pleased with it. It isn't exactly new, it was originally written for an anthology at The Author's Haunt last year. I intended to bring it here but noticed only recently that I hadn't done so. So now I've rectified that.

Two other stories are now in the Flash Fiction section of my pages, A New Wallet and Grigor. these have previously appeared in AD's Flash Fiction forum but I've put them together with my other flash stories for safe keeping.

I'm hoping to have a brand new story to upload very soon, called Man and Superman. Watch this space!

Over time I seem to have written quite a number of Limericks. What do you think, guys? Should I make a section within my AD pages and post them? Bear in mind that they are very rude, most of them!

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That's one of the prime elements in a sub-genre of limericks: rudeness.

Bring it on. If anyone here is offended, they're in the wrong place.

And to help them thicken their skins, they need only to go read Des' posts. Those'll offend anyone.

But I blather on. Yes, Bruin, a folder of your folderol would be, uh, funky?



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Cole Parker wrote:

"And to help them thicken their skins, they need only to go read Des' posts. Those'll offend anyone."

Thanks Cole, I do try. :icon_geek:

As for Bruin, I couldn't sleep and decided to read iPlug.

What an absolutely wonderful story. Prophetic, human, and so horrifyingly accurate. I have been preaching foever that the race is primarily homosexual and Bruin has given us the proof. The technical details are superb too. You have a real grasp of the "jargon."

It's been awhile since someone got a number 2 award of my appreciation of literary worth, so Bruin you get it.


To Bruin Fisher

For services to Truth,

Entertainment and Homosexuality

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Oh, gosh, oh golly gosh. Oh, my ears and whiskers! I've come over all unnecessary. I don't know what to say - my flabber has become utterly ghasted. I'm so pleased and excited I fear I might wet myself.

Thank you so much, Des, this award is a great honour and I'm more proud than I can say to receive it. :icon_geek:

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