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Joseph Interprets My Dream

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A political short story for those who can cope with it. There, you have been warned. :icon_geek:

Joseph Interprets My Dream

by DesDownunder

I had it last night. I had a dream within a dream. I was in America somewhere, anywhere, you choose.

I saw myself talking to my grandfather, and I heard him say quite clearly the same words he told me when I was eleven years old, just before he died,

?It doesn?t matter which party you vote for, but remember this, neither party will do anything for you, but the left hand will do less against you.?

Now I wondered what he meant. So in my dream I floated across time and the ethos until I found a figure wearing a rainbow coat.

?Excuse me,? I said, ?Could you help me understand my dream??

?I might be able to, what did you dream?? he asked.

So I told him my dream and he looked thoughtful for a moment and then told me,

?There have been eight years of barren times, of cruelty to many. An emperor denied the rights of a people who cried out for equality, for recognition of their love. And they were ignored.?

I told him I knew that, but what about my dream?

He continued,

?There have been nearly two years of attempts to correct the evil which has been done, but it will take much more effort to undo the wrongs because those who supported them and the old emperor still spread their lies, still broadcast hate and fear.?

?What can we do?? I asked.

?There is a new emperor who is on your side, but his right hand stops his left hand from signing the declarations of freedom and equality for your people.

Therefore gather up your voices and shout loudly. Let your people know they must encourage him, not fault him for what little he has done, and let him and his party know that they have all of your support to do more. This will empower them to act.?

He swirled his rainbow coat around his body, and then uttered a warning,

?If you do not do this, there will be two more years of lost chances followed by eight more years of deprivation and unspeakable persecution.?

?Your grandfather saw this when he told you to vote for the left, because he too had suffered the famine of poverty, from the plagues and pestilence of greed and ignorance brought on by the drought of compassion which pervades the Pharisees on the right.?

My dream began to fade as his rainbow coat seemed to lift him over the clouds and in a swirl of colors I thought I saw my grandfather with his long white beard sitting high above me.

?Vote,? he seemed to say, ?Vote for those who are not against you; the others will do everything they can to stop you, and that must not happen.?

It was then that I awoke and knew that my people must go forth to claim the freedom that is theirs by their birthright, the freedom to love each other, and I knew the only way I could vote.

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I think you've started a new genre. Political Flash Fiction.

I liked the story. I liked the metaphor about how neither hand will help you but the left will do less against you.

I watch American politics with a certain morbid fascination and dread. I'm not sure if the feeling is the same in Australia as it is in Canada, but with us right up against them, and so heavily influenced by them, it's kind of like watching a freeway accident unfold ahead of you and wondering, as you slam on the brakes, if you'll be able to stop before you hit it yourself. You can't help but feel bad for all of the innocent people caught up in it, you feel shame for the idiots that caused it, and you hope to hell you won't find yourself in the middle of it yourself.

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I would guess, even with all the whoop-de-do in the past week or so, we'll get less than 40% of eligible voters coming out to execute their prerogatives today.

Which is too bad, because it gives the people who are fanatical about the issues more say than they'd have if everyone would vote. It skews the results.

Des, and Gee, I wish both of you would emigrate. We could use your votes on the right side. Um, perhaps I should say, the correct side.


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Thanks Gee and Cole, We have compulsory voting in Australia and it ensures that we get majority voting being somewhat more representative of the will of the people, but it is not perfect and both sides get up to dirty tricks.

It should speak volumes that the right wing parties in Australia want to do away with compulsory voting, but I believe most Aussies want to keep it.

I'm a bit old to move to the USA now, I'd probably be a prohibited import anyway. Maybe I can get reincarnated as an American...when I can't get into Heaven.

Yes Gee, my grandfather actually did say that to me about the left doing less against us. I know what you mean about the traffic accident, but I think we are already in the middle of it. :icon_geek:

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The election results are in,

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Seriously I am quite saddened about the results. Gay rights will be stuffed in a box marked "Do Not Open until 2025," if there is anyone left to open it.

We will need to be vigilant and work hard to get our equality sooner.

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Des, your dream has become our nightmare.


It's a nightmare in many ways for the whole world.

I guess we will have to see how many times we wake up, screaming. :icon_geek:

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