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Teen Romance on GLEE

The Pecman

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I've followed Glee closely since it premiered a couple of years ago, and while there are things that annoy me about the show, I'm glad that at least it's a rare network series that has a gay teenage character as one of the leads in the show (Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, the only actual teenaged cast member). And it tackles very real issues about acceptance and coming to terms with your own identity, not just for gay people, but everybody who's a little outside the norm.

This past week's episode, "Never Been Kissed," just blew me away with a terrific song and dance number, at this link:

"Teenage Dream" on Glee

They're building this new character into a potential boyfriend for Kurt, and I really like the story direction. American viewers can watch the entire episode in HD at this link:


God knows, the show is corny as hell, and I think they wring about as much melodrama as possible from the "bullied gay kid" theme (with a surprise ending), but at least it's a step in the right direction.

The song also just absolutely knocked me out, and as a guy who's followed the pop charts religiously for more than 40 years, I'm gratified that I can still relate to a contemporary song at my advanced age. Wouldn't you know: "Teenage Dream" is #1 on iTunes this week. (I really should be a radio programming executive.)

Watch the show for yourself and see if you agree -- this is a fantastic, dynamite show. And I'm really glad that gay kids have something they can relate to and give them courage on TV.

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Guest Dabeagle

Corny is the word. Occasionally I'll be so embarrassed for the actor on the screen I look away. But it's fun, and I justify some of the silliness with the fact that they are teenagers and what other group besides them is allowed to live with so little logic?

I prefer to watch thee things in order, and can never remember what night any show is on, so I buy the seasons and have at it. My partner and I watched the first season and are both looking forward to the second on DVD. Fun stuff!

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Listen, after reading the stories here and on Nifty, what's on Glee is Shakespeare! :-) [And I tar myself with that same melodramatic brush.]

I gotta say, though, this current plotline with Kurt and the new kid is just fantastic. Can't wait to see where this is headed.

Anybody who loves the torrid romantic stories around this place will definitely enjoy the show.

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Hi everybody, my name is DUDE and I'm a GLEEK! (chorus: Hi Dude!)

Last night on GLEE, Kurt returns to McKinley High!

This episode addressed bullying once again. Here is a link to an interview with Chris Colfer that amazing countertenor who plays Kurt who made this year's Time Magazine's Influential 100 List.

See it HERE

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Great new song this week, where the main gay character Kurt (Chris Colfer) decides to go back to his old high school, despite having left months ago due to bullying, and his friend and lover Blaine sings "Somewhere Only We Know" as a temporary goodbye:


Very moving and emotional, if you know the backstory.

Note also that Time magazine chose Colfer this week as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People" in the world, partly because of his breakthrough role in the show.

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I've run hot and cold with Glee, because while it does do a lot (albeit heavy-handedly) with messages of acceptance and tolerance, they go off the charts with their crazy stories from time to time. But last night's episode was really enjoyable, and I loved the song. And I was really impressed about the Time magazine citation.

I have a good idea I know how this season is going to end -- strictly a theory -- but it's going to involve the death of a major character, and Kurt will be involved. Huge cliffhanger, major melodrama.

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I have to admit... since returning to the US three years ago... I have been totally bored by television, don't watch it. The exception being GLEE. Silliness? Yes but it is performing a huge service to American teens, gay and straight. It brings up topics ignored elsewhere by American television... and if you are perceptive is a hoot on several levels.

And to think it was done by by the folks that brought you Glenn Beck.

BTW I moved my previous post and am delighted to find this thread. Nice to be out of the GLEE closeet!

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I have to admit that it was my partner that got me into this show, but I do it enjoy it as well. Even the kids enjoy it. I liked it so much I even bought tickets for the summer tour here in Sacramento (since we live within sight of where the concert is at. Robert's hoping the song Kurt did in the last episode gets into the concert list.

Glee does a great job at bringing up so many issues, and in such a funny way. It's also good to see Cory Monteith playing such an innocent. His character in Kyle XY was so totally different, although both play basketball.

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Hey, listen, Fox network or no, at least somebody is showing a modern-day gay teenage relationship on TV! Show me another show that's done this in history, especially with this much emotion and impact. And the vocal harmonies from the teenage Warblers are astonishingly good, week after week. (#5 on the iTunes Albums charts this week.)

I believe they're going to sing new songs for the Nationals concert, which just finished shooting in NYC. The last episode of the season is going to be titled "Funeral," so get ready for some heart-wrenching melodrama of the type only Ryan Murphy could come up with...

I'm not sure if Kurt (Chris Colfer) will be on the concert tour, because he just wrote and will star in a movie that's going into production in about 3-4 weeks, Struck by Lightning, which they have to finish before he goes back to Glee in late July.

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Wait 'till you see what's about to happen on the upcoming "Prom" episode.

Note that the final episode of the season is titled "Funeral," so make of that as you like... [My strong suspicion is that both are related, and a major character is going to expire.]

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The Glee Project 110 Recap By Oxygen Editor August 22, 2011

Can you believe last night was the season finale of The Glee Project? It's been quite a ride, and our contenders certainly did not make this an easy decision for GLEE creator Ryan Murphy! Throughout the season, the contenders faced homework assignments and challenges that fit with each week's theme. They belted out vocals with Nikki in the recording studio, plunged through choreography with Zach, and were always challenged and pushed to the limit by Robert. Our mentors could not be prouder of the contenders! But at the end of the day this is a competition, so decisions had to be made.

Fitting for the final episode of the season, this week's theme was "Glee-Ality", and the homework assignment was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". The contenders were so excited to tackle one of GLEE's signature songs, but were a bit intimidated when they found out that this week's guest mentor was none other than Ryan himself! Always fearless, the contenders braced themselves to perform for Ryan. Damian started off the show, but Ryan stopped him right away. The contenders were downcast to say the least when Ryan told them their performance was "flat"… But it was really just a rouse for an awesome surprise! The 8 fallen contenders returned to help the final four face the last week of the competition!!! The contenders were euphoric to all be together again, and rocked their socks off singing "Don't Stop Believing". The performance was so heartwarming and joyful -- even Ryan couldn't help smiling at how cute they all were!


Since this was the last stretch of the competition, there was no homework winner. This week was all about showing Ryan who was best fitted to be on the next season of GLEE. So off to a great start with the homework assignment, the contenders now faced the challenge: P!nk's "Raise Your Glass". The video shoot took place on a helipad on one of the tallest building in Los Angles, and featured the entire cast of The Glee Project. Words cannot describe how amazing this video was – everyone was so pumped and energized giving this last shoot their all, and the vocals were pretty freakin' incredible. We could not be prouder of our contenders!

Now it was time for the last stretch of the competition before Ryan would choose the winner – the final performances. This time the contenders each got to sing a song of their choosing. They needed to show Ryan who they are, that they are relateable, and that GLEE needs them. So no pressure, right? :) To support the contenders, all of the previous guest mentors from the GLEE cast were there, and the rest of the top 12 too, of course. The contenders could not have asked for a more supportive and encouraging audience. Everyone was rooting for them!

Lindsay went first and sang her heart out to "Gimme, Gimme" from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. Her voice was stunning and powerful as usual, but this time she really connected on a truly deep level, and Ryan was so impressed and proud of her. It was her best performance yet, and Ryan could totally see her giving Lea Michele a run for her money!

Damian wanted to prove that he could be a leading man, and charmed everyone with his vocals and style singing "Beyond the Sea", made famous by Bobby Darin. He even dedicated the song to Cameron and Hannah – it was just all too adorable! New hunky foreign exchange student? Damian would be the guy for Ryan.

Sam wanted to convey his unique energy and groove, and decided to create an intimate coffee shop atmosphere singing Dolly Parton's "Jolene". His performance was simple but powerful, and Ryan was fascinated by him, saying that he was wholesome but dark. He knew the show needed someone like him.

Last, but certainly not least, Alex sang "I'm Changing" from the musical Dream Girls. Alex wanted to show off his versatility and decided to perform the song in drag. His vocals were unreal. Ryan was so impressed not only with his vocal prowess, but with how brave he was to perform in drag on national television. GLEE is all about giving power and courage to the underdog, the unheard and the unrepresented, and Alex showcased an entire demographic that is hardly portrayed on television. Ryan knew he was something special.

After the contenders sang their last notes, it was time to deliberate. Ryan wanted to know what the other GLEE cast members thought. They loved Damian and just wanted so bad to work with him, were enchanted by Lindsay's vocals, moved by Alex's performance, and enthralled by that hauntingly beautiful quality that Sam had. After listening to what they had to say, Ryan asked them to leave so that he could make his final decision.

The contenders were called back on to the stage and it felt like the tension was going to explode! Ryan told Lindsay and Alex that they were incredible, but that they were not the winners of The Glee Project. That left Damian and Samuel. After much careful thought, Ryan announced that the winner of The Glee Project was… Samuel!!! Damian was so gracious and told everyone that Sam totally deserved it. But Ryan had other plans. Because he couldn't really bring himself to choose between the two, Ryan decided that Damian would also be the winner of The Glee Project!!! And so Sam and Damo will BOTH get seven episode arcs on the next season of GLEE!!

But Ryan wasn't done yet. He just couldn't let Lindsay and Alex slip away – the show needed them. To their total shock, Ryan announced that he would write them each a two episode arc in the show! As a bewildered Lindsay said – "did we all just win?" It would certainly seem so!

And so season one of The Glee Project came to an incredible end. From the stellar top twelve contenders chosen out of over 40,000 applications, the judges narrowed it down to two winners through ten grueling weeks of singing, acting and dancing. This season the contenders faced many challenges, twists and turns, and fell down and picked themselves up by the bootstraps to fight as hard as they could for their dream. They inspired audiences across America and the world, and even those who didn't win felt so blessed to be a part of such an amazing journey. Be sure to be on the GLEEkout for the winners of our hottest competition series, The Glee Project, only from Oxygen.

Original Blog is http://features.oxygen.com/outloud/blog/en...oject-110-recap

In case you're never heard of Damian McGinty.... he's that amazing lad who sings baritone/bass for Celtic Thunder. He's 18 amd has been with CT for four years.

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Guest Ausdinata

Great new song this week, where the main gay character Kurt (Chris Colfer) decides to go back to his old high school, despite having left months ago due to bullying, and his friend and lover Blaine sings "Somewhere Only We Know" as a temporary goodbye:


Very moving and emotional, if you know the backstory.

Note also that Time magazine chose Colfer this week as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People" in the world, partly because of his breakthrough role in the show.

Yeah, it's so very moving and emotional.

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I'm a Glee fan too. Yes, I like the snark, the satire, the music, the misfit characters. I like that the teens and the adults are all oddballs or downright maladjusted, while most of them are just geeks. I like that the show is brave enough to tackle some tough subjects without a happy ending. Instead, things go pear-shaped in zany ways before anything gets worked through. Sure, it's kinda corny and goofy. Sure, some things are painted with a broad brush, but that goes with the comedy to get the message across while trying not to be boring or preachy. But it has heart and it's fun. Hey, the music's great. Yeah, I said that already.

Besides, I think I went to school with some of those same types of kids. Heck, I was about like that too. I kinda wish I'd tried choir or theater more.

So, I know some people love the show and some can't stand it. OK, cool.

I am really, really glad that there can be a Kurt on a TV show. Or an Artie. Or a Mercedes. Or any of the other kids. -- There was definitely nobody like Kurt on TV when I was in school, and there were very few like Artie, either (handicapped in general, not just a paraplegic guy). So we have come a long way, that there can be characters like them on TV and that the show has lasted more than one season.

And in real life, growing up? Ouch. It is not better everywhere yet. But it is very good to know that some places, including on TV, there can be people like the Glee kids...or like me or my friends back then or now. It is very fine that there's a message out there saying, yeah, life can be pretty messed up, but it's still gonna be OK, you're still a cool person, geek and misfit and all. So enjoy it, be yourself, and don't let anybody tell you you can't be you or can't try. Heck, even the bad-girl Sue in the show gives a few positive messages right up front, when people are distracted by her evil schemes and screwball goings-on.

A couple of Glee's episodes have hit me right where it hurts and then made me want to cheer. And I pretty much always want to sing along. -- I'm about halfway through the first season and I've seen a few episodes (maybe four?) of season 2. I haven't seen any of season 3 yet. But I'm gaining on it.

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The show is kinda all over the place in terms of story and characters, but it still has its moments. There were a lot of complaints last year about a lot of elements not making any sense, but I think they're doing better in the last few weeks. However, the U.S. ratings are sliding... :icon13:

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