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dogs and declination

dog my steps by inclination

I, in side-stepping, stumble,

finally forced to rumble

like a Jet, I pirouette

take on a surly sobriquet;

I'll turn around and bark them down

just as soon as I attain renown

I know that fear of fear itself

is something one must fight oneself,

but even so, my stumbled stride

leaves me humbled, heaped, howling inside;

night terrors jumble, mumble and amplify

the things these uncouth truths imply ?

that the old stone with sword inside

is something I should leave untried

for this dogged inclination

to mere canine creation

is a barking avocation

albeit with fascination

for me (bright abbreviation)

subject to such trepidation

a mere approximation,

typing lettered bits of affectation

dogs and declination, see,

dog my steps and referee,

proclaim I am as all agree, a

mere never-ending deportee:

a kind of lucid hallucination

better yet, amalgamation

bits of tin; no, no guarantee

of the Me that could but cannot Be

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I loves it! Had to look up some words to follow, but that just makes it better cause I just enhanced my vocabulary. :icon6: It kinda reminds me, at least the rhythm I read it in, of something John Cooper Clarke would have wrote.

Thanks muchly!

And that's cool, I had to look up 'John Cooper Clarke'.

He invented the steam engine, right?

TR :icon13:

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Sparkly, witty, erudite. Taught me a word I didn't know - avocation. Thanks for that!

TR at his firework best.

That's me, The Articulate Particulate.

Many thanks, again...been gone awhile, I was. My current avocations are: continuing to breathe, writing, worshiping my cats (yes, this does involve votive candles and the occasional slaughter of minuscule mammals) and adoring my tiny service-dog-slash-songstress, Oona O'Neill Chaplin.

TR :icon13:

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Thanks muchly!

And that's cool, I had to look up 'John Cooper Clarke'.

He invented the steam engine, right?

TR :icon6:

lol, I'm afraid not. John Cooper Clarke is a British poet and one of the leading figures of Punk Literature. The rhythm I read yours in was the same rhythm in his poem Chicken Town. Not many like his work, but I do. :icon13: Either way, really enjoyed this work. I'll have to keep my eye out for more of your stuff, I'd definitely learn alot. :icon6:

Peace -

Dustin Lane

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