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Site or Browser Glitch?


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Here's the dealieo. On Firefox, the threads are just the first post then condensed on the bottom you click top see the posts. On Explorer, all is well and the threads are normal. No other forum does this for me and haven't seen any option as to seeing the thread in the good way. Explorer is dog-ass slow and to see the threads in a normal mode on Firefox, I have to hit the "Lo-Fi Version" at the bottom of the page.

Kind of a nuisance. :icon_rabbit:

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At the top of the thread on the right of the thread title 'Site or Browser Glitch?' you'll see a button labelled Options. Click it and a menu drops down. The lower half of this menu is headed 'Display Modes' and one of the options is 'outline', which is the one you have in force. Try clicking 'Standard' and your problem should be solved. Out of interest, you could try 'Linear+' too!

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