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Trouble Viewing Attached Pictures

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I am logged in, and I am looking through the Forum, and I notice that Rick has posted a message with a list of "attached pictures." When I click on the hyperlink for a picture file, I get a new window with the error message telling me I am not authorized to view the files and inviting me to log in again with the form, but there is no form and I'm already logged in. I use Wndows Internet Explorer. I really don't want to change browsers just to look at these pictures, but I would like to see them.

Any thoughts?



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I use firefox and get the same message (also on chrome and explorer), so it's not the browser.

I have windows 7 on this computer, but had the same problem when running xp.

Whoa, dude! WTF kind of bird is THAT? On your avatar.... is it a bat or something?

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Whoa, dude! WTF kind of bird is THAT? On your avatar.... is it a bat or something?

One might also ask what kind of bird is hiding in YOUR avatar, Nascent! Are you wearing the popular Australian brand, Budgie Smugglers?

Seriously, I use Firefox primarily, on computers running lots of different OS variants including Linux, and I don't have the problem you describe on any of them. So, sorry I can't help there.

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I can see them ok - both the thumbnails and the larger pictures in the popups, and in both Firefox and Chrome.

So ... you might have a popup blocker enabled for the site, or maybe, as Rick, Bruin and I are from the UK it might have something to do with your geographical location or IP address - though why it should I haven't the faintest idea.

When you sort it out please let us know what you did and we can pin 'the solution' to the top of the forum for the next person who has the same problem.



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I can see them too. I am running Windows 7 and use IE 9 RC-1 as my browser. The images open in another browser tab.

With Chrome I had to enable the Java Web Slice extension to Chrome. With it the images each open in a pop-up window. I'm using Chrome 11.0.672.2.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Okay, I forgot that I'm beta testing the new versions of Chrome as the developers release them. I have the latest version on my laptop as well.

As far as the web slice, there was a pop-up when I tried to open the first picture; I clicked the Yes choice to install it and another window opened with the pic when I clicked on it in the post.

Colin :icon_geek:

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