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Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

This is an interesting concept, and apparently the way it works is people put their project out there and if folks like it, they can contribute to make it a reality. Now, more than ever, gay teens re popping up on TV from Glee's Kurt, to Marshall from 'United States of Tara' to Ian on 'Shameless' among others. I read about this one on the Morning Meme from AfterElton.com and I like it. I'm trying to figure out if I can afford to contribute, because it sounds like a good thing for the people involved as well as the kids it may reach. See what you think, they have about 30 days to reach their pledge goal.

Fabulous High

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Okay, Cole, for only a measly $250 more than your being-thought-about $500 contribution, you can avoid your shyness and you get so much more for $750! Imagine, being credited as an Associate Producer in the series, having dinner with those cute main cast members, getting a VIP invite to the premiere, and all the above. Oh. I guess "all the above" includes the "having a cameo appearance in the show part" ...but you know what a "cameo appearance" is, don't you? Watch any TV show and look at those background character who are on-screen for what, five seconds? No speaking role, no shyness instigated. I say Go For It! Do it for all of us at AD who don't live practically next door to the studios in Hollywood! No excuses, Cole! Just Do It!

Colin :icon_geek:

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I was actually thinking this would be better for Pecman than me. He lives closer, he's 'in the business' and he's probably cuter than I am. He's definitely not as shy.

He might not have the money, however, as jobs in that industry are very tight right now, partly because they're making all their movies in Podunk, Georgia these days to save bucks on union labor and catering costs in Podunk, where they get their nosh from Al's Diner and Lube, are about $2.59 a plate, unless you order the special, which is less. So, perhaps we at AD should take up a collection for him.


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Okay - I think this sounds like a great project, too. If anyone, Pecman, Cole, or anyone else would actually LIKE to do it, I would favour a collection to fund it. I hereby pledge $75, that's one tenth of the necessary to get him Associate Producer status. Are there nine others among us who will support this apparently worthy cause? Or eighteen with $37.50 etc? Or one who has $675 lying about he has nothing better to do with??

Maybe no-one wants to be an extra in the show, or have their name in the credits. That's fine, after all, I know I wouldn't - too shy. But the project is still a worthwhile cause, maybe we want to stump up the money anyway, and choose not to be named Associate Producer, or whatever. What do you guys think?

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Hmm, I'd go for a black shirt, with maybe the Kitty design on the front and a slogan on the back such as 'I can't even think straight' or 'I'm not gay but my boyfriend is' or 'closets are for clothes' or ....

I'm wondering - are we serious about this? Irrespective of whether anyone here actually wants to appear on the show, do we want to make a collective financial contribution in the name of AD to the project? Are there enough of us who will chip in?

I'm definitely interested in helping, and if there isn't a groundswell here at AD I'll just contribute my little bit direct to them.

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Nuh-uh. They ain't gettin' a dime from me. Even Spielberg and Jim Cameron don't finance their own films and TV shows, let alone ask for participants -- they get the studios and networks to pay. This looks like the Original Amateur Hour to me, despite their intentions.

I'm not 100% selfish -- I have donated time to charitable events (like The Trevor Project), and I help out friends for free once in awhile -- but hey, I gotta make a living here. What these guys should do is get the show on Logo or one of the other gay-friendly channels, and get a real budget together. Something shot on a $2000 Canon still-camera with amateur actors ain't exactly a show.

Assuming they're shooting in LA, I might be able to lend a hand, but it's unclear on their sight as to where or what they are. There's also no clue as to what the producers have done before. I dunno... They don't call LA "the land of fruits and nuts" for nothing...

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