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Home Depot tells AFA to stick it


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I need new landscape bushes and flowers that died during our sub zero temperatures last February. I'm switching from Lowe's (the closest to me) to Home Depot. Join the ranks of the good guys Home Depot along with Ford and Disney.


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...Glad to see someone is sticking up for what's right instead of only looking at the bottom line on there balance sheet.

OMG...OMG...I can't believe my eyes. Do you see what I just saw? Of all people, our IDOL.

Cole, Let me help you. I know you have a lot of editors, but...but...THIS?

Camy, can you talk to him, please? You're a grammar expert, and he might listen to you.

I don't think we need for Cole to be committed, but...but...this is so far out of line from his norm.

AwesomeDude friends, we need to help one of our own.


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OK, gloat. Shows what happens when I don't proof read.

This is the honest truth, not made up at all: when I opened this thread today, I reread what I'd written before readng the next comment. And I said, to myself, "Oh, crap. How did I do that?" And I went in and edited it out. Then I read the next message, where I was taken to task and torn limb from limb by the usually mild-mannered and civlilzed Richard. Ouch.

Just shows you can't let your guard down a moment around here. :wave:

It should come as no surprise that I make more mistakes than probably anyone here when writing. I simply am pretty good at catching them when I look the stuff over. I substitute 'your' for 'you're' and 'it's' for 'its' with the best of them, because I write as quickly as I can, thinking only of meaning and getting down on the page what I'm wanting to say more than spelling. I imagine others do, too. It can be embarrassing, however, when I don't take the time to scan it before pressing Add Reply. This isn't the first time, and won't be the last.

But, thanks for holding me to a higher standard, Richard. I need that. And it's good to be reminded of one's own lack of virture. Everyone needs to be prodded to refill his cup of humility occasionally. As ol' Ben Franklin said, a man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.


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This article helps show that THERE are some companies who are fully dedicated to THEIR values. I am glad we shop at Home Depot and will continue to do so in the future.

(Oh, and the caps are just a tease - there are so many times I look at my stories and can't believe the mistakes I make. If YOUR goal is perfect grammer in all things, YOU'RE bound to be disappointed in yourself from time to time. Too bad we can't get our editors to edit our posts before we actually post in forums.)

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It should come as no surprise that I make more mistakes than probably anyone here when writing. I simply am pretty good at catching them when I look the stuff over.

Among the very best! :wave:

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Gee, thanks, Pec, and I wasn't even fishing!

As for whether Lowe's is supportive of gay causes or not, I have no idea. I was simply following the thought above mine. EJ has a valid point, and I am a bit ashamed I didn't qualify what I said a little. Although I do know Lowe's has been accused of some other things in the past. . . .


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The AFA has thrown its weight around for years. Finally someone has taken a look at them, determined that the AFA's just a bunch of redneck bigots that speak for no one and has decided that they are irrelevant.

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Lowes has an up and down history with a lot of money going to local conservative events - although they have offered benefits to domestic partners of their employees. Home Depot has had a very aggressive, pro-gay record. Going beyond offering DP benefits, Home Depot actively supports gay pride events, gay community events, and actively seeks the business and support of the gay community. When I choose where to spend my home improvement dollars (and with my hubby and our new home that comes up quite often), Home Depot has gone out and earned my business.

Now all that being said, if Home Depot is twenty miles away and I need to buy a box of nails, I'll head to the Lowe's that is a little closer. If I'm going to spend two thousand on new appliance and light appliances, I'll make the drive down to Home Depot. Meanwhile, I'll die of thirst before I step foot inside of Wal-Mart.

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