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The one who watched to the end with Billy wasn?t a cat; just someone married to suffering and in love with a dying man. Busy buying himself ten years worth of guilt. Asking, why wasn?t it me? Knowing now the secret, that survivors are painfully, resentfully, happy to be the ones who lived. Better you than me and all that. -TR

There are scars that never heal and secrets never told- one of which is the anger. Why did you leave me all alone? as if he had a choice. Why did it have to be him? as if there was a god who gave a damn.

There are some places that you should not go and would not go willingly. Not because they do not warrent exploration but because you can never fully return once you have been there.


Thanks Joey. That lonely awful place- which seems so isolated and desolate, isn't nearly as empty and deserted as it seems.

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Guest rusticmonk86

Don't listen to him TR. He's just feeding you lies to make you feel better and forget that we're all hallucinations. Oops. I've said too much.


Great work, dude.

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Codey, hon, I'm sorry if you didn't like that it was disturbing, I did mean it to be, without being something terrifically heavy. It felt a little like a tiny script, I might end up writing a whole one, either from this idea of gay life (public cats/private pain) or from something else. I've got a few new projects going and when I get stocked up on cigs and Vanilla Coke, they should begin to appear on AD.

Gabe, I consider you one of my favorite and weirdest hallucinations.

James, dear, I'm glad you liked it and seemed to understand where TR was coming from. I wonder sometimes just how many things we do just in order to hide the scars, or to hide from future scarring. I think, though, that when you look deep and in just the right light, you can find amazing souls inside the most unexpected people. And loss is something most of us understand...



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