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Insomnia haunts me and taunts me,

Mind racing and chasing details of the day.

Plans of tomorrow, no time to borrow,

Always behind as time grinds,

Past and future together in the breathless present.

I am so lost, I don't know the cost,

Of the things that I've been or the things that I've seen,

In the night they are burning bright,

Restless azure darkness impaled,

By the fires that rend the eternal night.

There is no peace when the wars never cease,

even though its been over for decades.

I close my eyes and I am there,

Once again in the fire of pain and desire,

The unending battles still rage.

Beware my friend not to live too long,

And see entirely too much shit,

Because in the night, it will never feel right,

And it can be a hell to live with it.


"Night Fire" by Gaziano

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I don't usually comment on poetry ('cos I'm rubbish at it) but this is brilliant.

Alliteration within the lines, each verse five lines long except the last, combining to add to the unsettled tone of the piece, very clever. And posted, if my time zones are correct, in the middle of the night, very apposite.

kudos, James.

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Took the words out of my mouth, Bruin: it is a brilliant poem. The careful metric

construction of each line underscores the sense that here is repetition that has

been experienced over and over, and that the past will always dominate and haunt

the speaker's present, and continue to force itself upon his future.

James Merkin

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