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Tech Note: PM peskiness

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When sending PMs, this message apppears:

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 234

File : emailer.php

Don't worry- the PM actually does go through despite the error message.

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TPTB will look into it. (The Powers That Be. Not Austin Powers.)

Perhaps it's just PM PMS? -- OK, it was a really obvious joke, sorry.

It's funny, when I first read the "TPTB" in blue's message I thought of Barney, TBPD (The Big Purple Dinosaur). Man, I guess I need to quit hanging out with my nieces so much.


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My sympathies. Prolonged exposure to Barney, and you're still coherent. :) OK, granted, he's intended to be supportive and non-threatening to the really little kids, but still....


"Why do I write?"

-- No one's taken away my crayons yet! LOL!

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I am sorry... I wasn't understanding the problem... when we made changes in our default email addresses... the forums email address... from which notifications are sent... was deleted as it was getting lots of flack in German. It has been restored with a new default address but should work.

Thanks Blue


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