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Why can't I?


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I can't view the full list of who's on and what they're doing. Having just discovered this feature, I'm not inclined to let being a dork, again, keep me from it.


p.s. all of a sudden I can start a new paragraph? I didn't do anything different here than I did on the other thread, where my whole post was a run-on.

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Tracy, I'm not sure what you're asking.

At the foot of the forums index page there's usually a list of who's online and if you click on another member's profile you can see if he's/she's online on the forums or not.

I guess it depends if anybody's looking at the board or not at any particular moment. In the case of guests, they ae listed as guests, not by name.

Gee, if folks could see what I'm doing... I'd have to comb my hair more often and dress up a bit when I'm online... :angry:

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Something that I've noticed since the introduction of v3.x.x is the list of people viewing a forum a the bottom is missing from some sites.

I think what Tracy is referring to is the list on the first page. I've noticed that the See Full List button is missing.

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Yes, it's the "see full list" which is not missing on my screen, but when I click it I get the error message that says "You are not allowed..." I'm not sure what page I was on.

Nice to see you both. And Mike, your hair looks fine.


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It was a privacy option... when I was tweaking the security settings to do unmentionable things to spammers, I turned off that function... figuring it is better to have more rather than less privacy.

I just explored the options of having the button available and removing I found no serious breach of privacy results and have turned it on again.

Only thing is... you'll have to log in topless to get it to work. :angry:

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