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Looking for some feedback/Editor

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I'm The Wanderer, I'm new here. I've been reading stories on websites like AwesomeDude and others for some time now and am just finishing up a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I have some stories in the works that I would really like to try to have posted on the net some time, but I could really use some feedback/advice as far as the editing goes and any feedback you can provide. If anyone is willing or has suggestions they can provide, please let me know! I've read through all the tips and tricks posted in this forum and am a somewhat experienced writer in other areas of prose, but would just feel better before submitting anything if I could get some feed back. I appreciate your time and look forward to getting to know all of you! Thank you.


The Wanderer

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Well, I was the previous poster asking for help on these forums, I think.

I got some detailed and thorough advice that really helped improve my work.

So, I'd be happy to pay that forward and lend you some time.  email me: stevenadamson40@gmail.com with the details.

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You could try me, Wanderer. I've mostly done proof-reading, but just recently I've had a go at criticising more than the spelling. Could we try each other out? I think my email is public.



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Anthony, if you'd rather not post your email address in the forum, you can do a couple of things otherwise.

* At the very top of the forum page, the envelope icon, labelled "Messenger," allows you to access the private message function (PM) of the forum, by which you can send and receive short notes to/from other forum members. That's common to any forum software. An administrator or moderator can help resolve questions/problems if you need help.

* If you click the name of a forum member, such as mine at the left of this post, you will see some options, and you can click to view a person's profile. From there, one option is to email a forum member, if he or she has OK'd receiving email from forum members. In your own profile, you may approve or decline allowing other members to email you. That first such email from a given member is sent to you by the forum software, and protects your email address. Once you reply to a given member, you then have each other's email address. If there should ever be a problem, a member may contact an administrator for resolution. However, we would hope that's never needed.

Happy writing and editing, all! Happy reading and listening too!

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Oh, and just in case it might be an issue for some members, I hope things are easy to navigate for blind members; likewise for motion impairment. I'm not nearly as aware as I'd like to be of how accessible any of the forum software packages are. The last time a blind friend and I had talked about it, it was still pretty poor. I'm vision-impaired / legally blind, so it isn't quite the same sort of issue, but it's one I'm sensitive to because of myself and good friends with various conditions.

The tangent off-topic is because it occurred to me I'd just told someone where to look for something on screen, rather than vision-independent directions. -- For any blind members, those controls should appear near the "top" or start of the audio reading for the page. (And yes, I need to try a full text-to-speech screen reader interface anyway.)

I know of at least one gay and blind reader and author (besides me) but he doesn't participate on the forums here or at the other sites he visits. -- Anyone with other accessibility concerns is very welcome to contact me as always.

Back on-topic with me.

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