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Encounter in the Sun Part Two

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“Ah, haven’t had one of these in years,” Greg sighed with satisfaction as the taste was exactly like he remembered from his first trip to Jamaica.

Sara scrunched up her face. “How can you like that awful tasting beer?”

“Some buddies and I went to Jamaica after graduation. Red Stripe was the only beer they had to drink and after a week of drinking, you get use to it. Plus it brings back memories, you know.”

“As long as you like it, I guess,” Sara stated flippantly. “So what brings you here?”

“Well, I was mighty thirsty.”

“No silly,” Sara chided him as she shoved him playfully. “Here, as in Atherton.”

“I live just down the hill remember and I needed to enjoy myself,” Greg said as he leaned back on his elbows in the grass. “Besides, I needed a vacation from everyone.”

“Everyone, huh?” Sara asked. “So you live there by yourself?”

Sara noticed that far away look in his eyes again and mentally kicked herself as Greg said, “Yep, all alone. But I’m getting use to that.”

“I could never go anywhere alone, that would drive me crazy.”

“Technically, since you can’t find your friend, you are here alone,” Greg said with a grin.

“Oh brother,” Sara said and for the first time Greg noticed she had a slight southern drawl. “But since I came with my friend I am not by myself. Plus I’m talking to you.”

“Interesting way of looking at the world.”

“Oh shit.” Sara cursed loudly. “You were right.”

Greg looked at her with one eyebrow raised. “I was right about what?”

“Not you.” Sara murmured. “Justin, I just hate it when he’s always right.”

“Okay,” Greg said slowly and somewhat sarcastically. “Do you always talk to people who aren’t there? Because if you do that could explain why you’re never alone.”

Sara looked at him and started to laugh. After a few moments, she took control of herself and explained. “Justin said you were gay, but I didn’t believe him.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Greg asked, puzzled by her declaration.

Sara just gave him a look that spoke more than any words. She smiled at him and patted him on the knee.

“You do,” She answered with a smile. “I’ve been sitting here talking to you for fifteen minutes and you haven’t once looked at my tits.”

“So, you said it yourself, I’m a gentleman.”

“Oh really,” Sara stated as she held up her hand. “For one, when I just stretched, I purposely shoved my tits right in your face and you looked away. Secondly, I know I’m not ugly so that can’t be it. And thirdly, you have been drooling over all the guys around here and not any women.”

Greg had to laugh at the smug look on her face, like she was proud of her deducting skills. She added after a moment, “I don’t care, so don’t worry. I’m not offended or anything. I always seem to like the gay boys. Maybe it’s because they take better care of themselves.”

He chuckled. “I didn’t think I was that obvious. I should learn to be more careful and stare at all the titties around me.”

“That’s it, you went from acting gay and somewhat cool to acting straight and an asshole in two seconds flat,” Sara stated sarcastically.

“Okay, how about this. Check out that guys ass over there, it’s so hot it’s a shame he has to sit on it,” Greg said as he pointed to some random guy playing volleyball.

“That’s better sweetie, just be yourself around me.”

“Hey Sara,”

She looked at him for a moment, sadness flashed in her green eyes as she admonished, “I’m sorry, Greg, I lied to you.”

“Lied, about what?”

“Well, because…I didn’t come here with a friend. Wait, that’s another lie, I meant I did come here with a friend but my friend and I are the ones throwing this party,” She explained with a wince, honestly a bit scared how he would take this admission. She took a deep breath. “And my name isn’t, Sara, either.”

He noticed right away the childlike need for acceptance on her face so he smiled. “If Sara isn’t your real name, what would you like me to call you?”

A look of relief exploded across her face and she squealed and said in a rush, “Alyson, you can call me, Alyson.”

“Okay, Alyson, it’s very nice to meet you,” Greg said as he shook her hand again. “And while we’re on the subject, I have a confession to make as well.”

“Don’t tell me you lied about your name too?”

“No, nothing like that,” Greg said as he broke out in an evil grin. “I was looking at your tits when you weren’t looking. I’ve been trying to figure out for the last twenty minutes if they’re real or not.”

“Asshole,” She screamed out as she punched him in the shoulder before sitting back down again. “So, am I forgiven?”

“Sure, after all, you were planning on feeding me, right?”

She giggled and stood up. She reached down her hand to help him on his feet. “What do you want to eat?”

“First things first, who is this Justin guy and how did he know I was gay?” Greg asked as he let her pull him to his feet.

Alyson rolled her eyes and muttered, “Men, I should just become a lesbian and get it over with.”

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I would say that this is absolutely charming but bad boy Jason probably won't like that. So I'll say instead that it belies everything I've come to believe of Jason's in-your-face prose style, and I for one would love to see more of how this one unwinds.

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Thanks James, I quite like the bad boy name calling, I didn't know you cared. :)

I think I wrote somewhere on this site, this story started as a flash, then I wrote this small piece in response to Blue's comment in Part One and over my vacation, I banged out about twenty-thousand words so far fleshing out this story and I was quite amazed how the piece is shaping up. As to when it will be finished, who knows, I'm still doing another re-write on another story I finished for our writing project a few months ago. That story ballooned up to over eighty-thousand words but it needs some major work as I tend to get long winded and repeat myself often. But at least I'm still working and that's something I haven't done in a long time.


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