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Gay Literature

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Ookay. Gay Literature. I don' tknow if the term literature applicable to novels or short stories but I like them. I've read Latter Days [so funny lol! :)] and So Hard to Say by Alex Sanchez [so middle school ^_^ but really2x insightful] I'm ordering Bleeding Hearts by Josh Aterovis now.

But I've read a compilation of essays too by a late gay author. I forget the title and the author but I'll find it again. It's a good book. Kinda like seeing his life from his eyes and all the people he meets.

Anybody reads books an novels like me? Input please?

Cheers! :)


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Guest rusticmonk86

Okay . . . 'nother book list by me.

Desert Sons

And the sequel Into This World We're Thrown

By Mark Kenderick

Awesome tale of first love and closeted boys. Deep charecter developments and conflict. Excellent imagery. This is one of the books I lived inside while I was reading it.


By Mel Keegan

People genetically engineered to breathe underwater. On a future earth covered by water. Sci-Fi. They go one a campaign of some sort to liberate someone. Can't quite remember it all. But it was a nice read. Well-written. Worth more than a cursory glance.

The Business of Fancy Dancing

By Sherman Alexie

Robert Johnson, one of Alexie's recurring charecters, a two-spirit, visits home again. This screenplay (and film) stares down the cold hard reality of NDN life and juxtaposition between urban and rez life. The movie begins with the death of a family member. That's what brings Robert home. Sherman Alexie is an outstanding author and director.

The Blue Lawn

By William Taylor

One of the first coming-out books I read. Still my favorite. Set in New Zealand. Delightfully cliche (you'll probably never see, hear or watch me type,write,sign or say that again).

Living the Spirit

A Gay American Indian Anthology

History of the two-spirit. A history of the Gay American Indians. It was the first group of its kind in all of America for GLBTQ natives. This book includes poems, short stories and historical examinations of the life, role and social, spiritual and political roles of the two-spirit . . . in English. Stories of Navajo, Lakota, Souix, Nez Perce. This is the first book you should read if you are, or are interested in the rich history of the first nations.

The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon

By Tom Spanbauer

Beautiful work of prose. This is story-telling at its best. READ THIS!

That's it for now.

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I can't but Desert Sons. The image on the cover is too much. The bookstore will now I'm gay dunno I can't stand the thought they're discussing me behind myback. behind those polite decorums. Jeez...


You can get anything with an ISBN from Amazon or if there's one near by go to a gay bookstore. I *haunt* Gay's The Word in London. It's tiny but brilliant and the staff are amazingly helpful, and it means I can pick up the free papers without having to sneak into a pub or adult shop.

Recently read:

A Good Start, Considering by Peter Ryde. Heartbreaking but brilliant.

Postcards from No-man's Land by Aiden Chambers. Very funny and touching and very different.

Boy Meet Boy by David Levithan. Every gay boy should read this book coz although it's total fantasy it's very joyful and hopeful.

Peter by I Can't Remember. Nice little story about an Aussie boy working it out.

Clay's Way by Blair Mastbaum. Awesome in every way.

War Boy by Kief Hilsbery. Very good but a bit scarey at times. Very punk.

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what would make a gay guy buying gay literature worthy of discussion? sounds like a pretty mundane event to me. Besides, who cares what the clerk at the bookstore thinks?



Possibly the locale. I'm only guessing but I know Rad. (and he's just such a ducky darling!)



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Possibly the locale.  I'm only guessing but I know Rad. (and he's just such a ducky darling!)



A ducky darling? lol! :-D Wahahahahahaha. That's the first time someone refer to me that way. :D :lol: :o :-D But yeah. I do care about what the clerk thinks. Okay :lol: Kind apathetic, I know. Gotta work on that [the pathetic not the clerk!]

Hey, I read an advetisement about a book called The Sissy Duckling. :lol: U mind went to that book the instant I read this post.

Take care Joey.

Cheers you all! :D


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First, a classic: Dancer From The Dance by Andrew Sullivan. He's not the writer that Edmund White is, but it's an interesting history of the infamous Fire Island phenomenon.

I reccomend Geography Club, by Brent Hartinger; The Still, by David Feins, and the first coming out story I ever read, called Independence Day, by some woman who's name escapes me at the moment. Like Gabe's first coming out story, it's delightfully corny and well meaning.

And, of course, the Harry Potter novels, since we all know that Harry and the Weasely twins have had a hot, three-way relationship going almost from the day they met. :smt016 =P~



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As far as honest-to-God real gay literature out there, I'd point to John Rechy as being one of the most important authors still writing.

A great introduction to Rechy's work is the new collection Beneath the Skin: The Collected Essays, which I just finished reading this week. This is strictly his non-fiction work; his fiction, including the classic City of Night and The Sexual Outlaw, are landmark works. Be warned they're very hardcore and often downbeat, but nonetheless extremely powerful and realistic.

Another one that blew me away the first time I read it was Patricia Nell Warren's classic Front Runner, which was published more than 30 years ago. I didn't discover it until about 1980, but I found it an inspiring, fantastic book. I'm totally pissed-off that it still hasn't been made into a feature film.

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