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MSNBC Promotes Hate Group & its Leader


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That supposedly 'Liberal Media' outlet MSNBC, you know the one that features the openly lesbian Rachel Maddow for an hour every night, regularly features the leader of of an anti-gay hate group as one of it's regular guests. Check out this BL&S link and see the video of what Faithful America and New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson are saying about it.

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I really DON'T think its about giving Family Research Council President Tony Perkins a soapbox.

He's probably just the most visable bigot who is willing to be interviewed that isn't openly bat-**** insane like the Westburo people are.

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I've heard him on The Rachel Maddow Show, and if anyone thinks she's giving him a soapbox to preach his hate and lies, they've never watched one of those shows.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I haven't seen Tony Perkins on Rachel's show for a while and I watch almost every night. Now he was on Reverend Al Sharpton's show recently and Reverend Al ripped Perkins a new asshole quoting the bible back at him while defending marriage equality. The conservatives tend to stay away from the evening shows but now even the conservative morning shows aren't safe for them. Check out this video of Jonathon Capehart tearing into Gov. Chris Christie:


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