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We should nationalize the oil companies....

Chris James

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If you don't read the whole article just take a gander at the third paragraph.


"The proposed pipeline would relieve a glut of crude oil backing up in the Midwest and redirect those barrels to Gulf of Mexico ports. From there they could be shipped to world markets and repriced at higher global prices."

UM, no thank you! We have the conservatives (read that as oil company CEO's) screaming that we need to drill more wells and build this pipeline to do what...ship off the precious resources we have to global markets. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? You folks in Canada ought to be pissed off as well.

Yes, greed is good, or so they think. But hey buddy, that oil comes out of my ground and WTF do you think you are doing with it? I say nationalize all the natural resources in the U.S. and screw those conservative dogs who see nothing but profit. I'm sure the folks in California would appreciate a price break. (look at the red all over the map)

BTW...Just read an article that the oil companies have shut down several refineries on the Gulf Coast because they aren't busy enough and so our rising gas prices are tied to lack of processing. You think that isn't price fixing? Sure, let's blame Obama. How dumb can you get, he isn't even from Texas.

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We do this every winter in CA. Our gasoline is the highest priced in the country because our EPA laws demand an extra refining step to reduce pollution. But in the winter, when demand is high, our refineries shut down every year so demand outstrips production and prices go through the roof, making the highest priced gas in the country even dearer.

Yeah, I'd call it price fixing. You can't control shutdowns, and these guys do it every year.


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