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Windows 8 Consumer preview (beta)


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If anyone fancies trying out the consumer preview of Windows 8 then it's available here:


Do be aware you need at least 16gb (more recommended) of free space on your boot drive and there is a recommended spec, too. Also, read the instructions and remember to backup your data before you begin!

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What does Windows 8 do better than what Windows 7 does now?


You don't want to know.

It makes it easier for you to justify a new monitor that has a touchy feely screen.

It also helps you feel happy to know that the therapy sessions are for a good cause.

It finally makes it impossible to do what you were doing easily in Windows 3.11.

On the plus side, it gives you reason to stay alive because it makes you determined not to die before you have mastered it, or taken an axe to it.

They should supply it with a taser to zap it into a shower of sparks.

It also makes Vista look like it is the other half of the boat anchor.

Did I mention I wasn't impressed? :aak[1]:

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I'll wait until I have a properly configured laptop to run the production version of Windows 8. Playing with the Developer beta or the Consumer beta is like sliding down the razor blade of life. Fugget it.

Colin ;icon_geek:

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