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A picture is worth 1000 lives

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Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in the cage.

Sighs. Tired of this f*ing war. What I wouldn't give for a few hundred cruise missiles and a stick of cluster bombs.

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I think (sure hope) that is a demonstration, a protest, and not a statement of fact for each student.

The trouble is, for too many students now and too many of us no longer students, we know people those things happened to, we lived through it ourselves.

All those signs bother me, especially the one on the easel. But I'm proud they had the courage to do that.

My own contributions in high school were sticking up for friends (not a couple) who were accused of being gay.

If a friend then had come to me and said he or she really was gay and could we talk, you would've seen one very surprised high school boy. The word "boyfriend" never occurred to me as a real possibility, if it even occurred to me at all. But then, my old high school has had a GSA now since a girl at another school in the district won a court battle and it's legal.

Change does happen. Case in point: Those young guys and girls can stand there in public, in the open, on their school campus and show those signs, without getting into a huge fight and without getting detention or suspension.

Change does happen.

I don't know if a couple of gay boys can hold hands where I went to high school or go to the prom together. I sure hope so.

Yeah, I get angry. I get depressed. Neither one helps much unless I use those feelings, my principles and convictions, in a constructive way. -- In my case, that's mostly because I'm not shy of saying what I think online, in writing, and yes, that becomes "a matter of public record." (Ooh, surprise, they'd find out I'm gay, if they don't already know it. Duh.)

Good for them, for standing up and showing their classmates and spreading the photo. Even better if some of the students (and teachers and staff) think about it and change their minds.

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