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The Mirror

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I turned to the mirror and looked critically at what I saw therein. A handsome visage, blue eyes, trim eyebrows, long and exotically dark eyelashes, a high forehead, topped by a mop of golden blond hair slightly disheveled from just having been toweled dry. A uniform tan extended from face to neck, over swimmer’s abs and pecs, to a lovely treasure trail leading to a decent looking package that wouldn’t cause anyone to feel shamed. Obviously the nude sun bathing had been a good choice, having eliminated that stupid white band that so irritated me whenever I saw one. Further south, the soft golden down increased in density once below the knees, and extended right onto the nicely formed toes. Great looking dude, if I do say so myself.

Taking my nerves in hand, I asked him, “Would you like to go on a date sometime?”

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Thanks, Cole, but my visits will be sporadic. I have a 90 year old mother to look after (gays are good for that as those my age often don't have their own kids or even a spouse) as well as an incredibly busy schedule of other responsibilities. I do miss the kibitzing and intellectual discussions here, but I get much of those needs fulfilled by Des when I edit his stuff.

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I didn't see it coming either, but in a way I'm glad I did. That last line spoke volumes about who he was.

Good to see you again Trab, but I'm one to talk. I've not been around much either. :(

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