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Electric Blue and Catnip

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After five chapters, Electric Blue and Catnip on Gay Authors looks like it is going to be a good story. It's here: http://www.gayauthors.org/story/lilansui/electricblueandcatnip The story is being nicely set up -- old and new loves, an accomplished pianist writing a film score, connections to Japan and New York.

My guess is that the author is not a native English speaker, but the command of English is still excellent.

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The author in question is lilansui, and several places on the internet list her as a 29 year old woman of Japanese extraction. (let's hope that is true and not part of the abstract behind which many authors hide) I do agree, she has a marvelous command of the English language, but then she may not be native Japanese. We often overlook the woman's point of view when reading gay stories. Nothing says a gay story has to be written by a man, just someone with a good deal of talent.

Thanks for the heads up, vwl...always glad to find new things to read.

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OK, I am looking for ways not to have to write, being a bit bogged down writing a story that isn't cooperating at the moment, and so started on this one.

To me this looks, halfway through chapter 1, very much like a story written by someone whose English is not a first language. Both punctuation and sentence flow are nonstandard. It looks like she has a better grip on plot than English. Still, it isn't offensive; you merely have to allow for syntactical irregularities.


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