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Of course we were.

Take heart in knowing that the first debate often goes to the challenger.

That doesn't mean that the President shouldn't have performed better, but then again, perhaps he was just feeding the rope out for future rebuttal.

Several critics have already highlighted Romney's back-tracking and 'misrepresentations' of the truth.

The real problem with the debate was that it was boring with a mediocre moderator.

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Yeah, Romney had a lot more energy and went in for the attack.

I've been disappointed with Obama for some time, and I continue to be disappointed that he hasn't fulfilled quite a few of his campaign promises. But Romney is horrible. If we have a choice between a mild headache and a severe upset stomach, I'll go for the headache.

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Oh yes -- Obama was smiling as he made his list and checking it twice as Mitt was talking. I have one screen shot of Obama smiling as he added an item to his list as Mitt raged on. Mitt was writing Obama's ads for the next 5 weeks - one word at a time.

Obama was like a 'fat cat' sitting waiting for the rat to spring the trap...and Mitt willing talked on.

Thats my take on the debate...cunning like a cat! Go OBAMA!

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