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Ain't democrary grand...

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Just what we need, idiots like this running the country...oh wait, they do! Next thing is that my bank won't cash my checks unless I vote the way they want, or the grocery store won't sell me food...these are all businesses just like the Koch Empire. Scary, worse than a Cole Parker Halloween story. :closet:


Edit: I amend my commentary for a bad choice of word. "Scary, worse than a Cole Parker Halloween story." There is nothing bad about a Cole Parker story so worse is a terrible word to use...sorry. It should read: Scary, more frightening than a Cole Parker Halloween story.

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That's sick. I certainly hope Obama wins. Then I can watch these guys tear down their industries and explain to shareholders why their stock is tanking. As if they'd actually do something so laughably stupid.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Yes, Republicans borrow money. They also caused a huge deficit, the largest in history at the time, and then, the upstanding and moral people that they are, they have taken to blaming Obama in campaign ads for making it worse when they started the problem and left it for Obama to fix. Which he seems to be doing while they sit back and snipe at him.

Oh, and Chris? I took your 'worse' phrasing just like you intended it to be taken and chuckled. No editing was necessary, from my point of view.


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LOL, that's why he didn't ask you first, Cole.

You know we spent 70 million to make pennies this year, right? If not for this forum, I wouldn't know half of what I know, and hardly any of the really interesting stuff.

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Wait a minute... I am not sure why this story was really scary. When we vote in the USA (OK, when you vote.) It is done in private, and no one knows who you voted for.

It is their money, and they have a captive audience to spout their political views.

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