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Pleiades, by Camy

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Camy always thinks, and writes, outside the box, and this tale of a Halloween prank is no exception, for his take on the holiday is far more ancient than that of the local vicar and the parents of his beloved. The origin of Holloween, as he points out, 'was a dark and bloody festival made light-hearted by those who never trod its true path,' and now Camy is here to guide us where that true path might lead... Don't hesitate to follow; the stars will show the way.

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The Pleiades are a star cluster of new B class supergiants visible to the naked eye in Taurus. It is a very popular object of study by amateur and professional astronomers. The ancients named it the "seven sisters" because of the seven visible stars. Through a telescope it is a much more striking object with dozens of stars and a stunning emission nebula.

I only chose the Southern Cross for my story. I've been seriously upstaged by my choice of constellations. :icon5:

I loved the dance around the room with the stabbed old biddy. The head in the ice bucket was a lovely touch.

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