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Are You Scared Yet? by JJ Janicki

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I wholeheartedly agree, Natty is a charming mix of good kid/not-so-much kid, smarter than average but short on experience (that's why kids have parents, right?).

JJ has worked hard the whole time I've known him, and it shows. Consistency in colorful characters makes a good story all that much better, and we certainly have that here.

Well done, JJ!

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Isn't that the truth!

I don't have a lot of experience with rewrites (LOL,since what I'm about to say requires having read the original...) but I have to say, I like what he's done with this one.

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Wow...yes, wow! J.J. you have created such a long and involved tale I had to go back and review a few things before I could finish. I think this story counts as J.J.'s magnum-opus for the moment, although such a devious mind probably has others lurking somewhere amidst the cobwebs.

The length of a story is not as important as the dedication of the reader to absorb all the details and enjoy them. As fiction writers we are not paragons of literature but more closely resemble clowns in the level of entertainment we deliver. I often stand in awe of the way J.J. delivers that much fun. Wicked humor, subtle emotion and insightful characters all made Are You Scared Yet one of my favorites. Thank you good sir!

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