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Protecting David by Terry Audette


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This author is one of my "first loves" from the Nifty Ocean, and this story, currently posting on CRVBOY, has been available on Terry's site (see link below) and on Nifty for quite some time. I mention it here as a tribute to author and effort, and for those who may have AD as their only window to gay men's stories of gay men. For the freedom of fiction to step outside the bounds of so-called real life can not diminish the value of such an obvious and absolute necessity, and in hundreds of stories, this one included, I have yet to find a character that has slipped its authors human skin.

Though the writer might characterize it differently, the story posting on CRVBOY is part one of what is so far, a four-part story of as many "generations" of self-proclaimed family; but notions of boredom or commitment have not shown themselves applicable here, due in large part to the seemingly endless wit and imagination of its author, and to some measure of that indefinable mystery of why writers write in the first place. Commitment to something delightful can hardly be considered a sacrifice, and the opportunity to laugh at ourselves in virtual anonymity-- priceless.



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I also recommend Terry's heart rendering, humorous, and delightful The Good Doctor. Read a chapter when you have a spare moment. The relationships are serious yet hilarious, especially his mother.

You don't have to read all the chapters at once, but they are entertaining enough to draw you back for more. The images that Terry posts on his home page blog are not always suitable for viewing at work. His blog comments are usually worth reading too, for both fun and insight, even if you don't always agree with him. Click on Stories on his home page and then choose from his story index. I haven't read them all.

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I discovered The Good Doctor when it first appeared on Nifty, and never missed reading the latest chapter.

I read Slave but Terry never continued on with it.

Life, and other personal disasters have held me up from reading Protecting David or the other stories.

I'm sure I would like them if only I had time...

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