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We went to see a movie last night! Well, that deserves an exclamation mark because that only happens three or four times a year.

Anyway, we saw Lincoln. I was very impressed with the film, one that is intellectual rather than graphics-driven. Daniel Day Lewis was incredible. What an actor! But the entire movie took you back to that time and place and showed a Congress much like ours today.

I highly recommend this film, one I reallly enjoyed.


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Be warned this is a very long, long, long movie. I think it's very well-acted, and there are aspects of it that are exceptionally good, but it's extremely talky. I'm still miffed that Spielberg made the creative choice not to show the assassination at Ford's Theater, but I liked (but did not love) it overall. The first hour is tough to get through, but if you can make it that far, there are some interests twists, turns, and surprises. Tommy Lee Jones steals the movie as far as I'm concerned; he's 100% great, 100% of the time. And technically, the sound, art direction, and cinematography are world-class.

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