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Between Frost and Flames by Lil' Octopus

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I enjoyed this story very much. I particularly enjoyed the fact that it comes from another culture and that is both interesting and refreshing. It would have lost a lot if the story had been over-edited to remove the freshness. While congratulating Lil' Octopus on a very fine story, may I ask which cultural background we are seeing? From being referred to as Thai... is that a clue?

After the event.... wicked! You carried off the "another culture" voice so consistently! Wicked! well done.

Here is a link


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Thank you so much! I apologize for this very late response. I believe mentioned in the story that the main character is of a mixed background, specifically Vietnamese and Italian. I developed the idea from pondering about two brothers with this mixed heritage that I know. One of them (the younger one) stayed with my family for several months last year...

...Just like I once had with his extended family when I very young.

-Lil' Octopus

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I have just read this story and will be forever grateful that the Dude put it in his picks from the past. It well deserved to be there.

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