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Justin Time by Chris James


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Well, he's done it! Chris James has set a new precedent, no two of them... first by writing his 'first' Sci-Fi story and a bang up one at that.

Secondly, he's asked me to post it all at one time! The master of serial fiction has posted Justin Time all at one go.

I'm not going to spoil it by going into the plot... suffice it to say, you'll be wise to hang the Do Not Disturb sign on your door til you complete this one as you won't be able to walk away!

Read it at http://awesomedude.c..._time/index.htm

Great work, Chris!

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I just finished it. The scientist in me is screaming at the improbabilities, but then that's what makes it science fiction. Great job, Chris. It's a wonderful read.

I can put up with a few screaming scientists. It only justifies the little sign I have on the wall over my desk which reads:

Beware: fiction ahead.

Thanks to all who have read the story and enjoyed themselves. Isn't that what it's all about?

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