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Carmina Burana

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I was languishing tonight after a ho-hum dinner, wondering what to do with my time. I loaded up my newest novel, but still had the block that I have been agonizing with over for the last 6 months.

"Screw it." I said to myself and loaded up UTube to listen to some music. Maybe it would put me in the right mind to write. Damn, I loaded a concert of Carmina Burana, and was mesmerized. This was amazing. It must have included over 500 people in the choir and orchestra

Here's it is.


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Back in the 70s it was one of our failings to buy each and every new recording of Carmina Burana. I remember one time I went to work with a new version under my arm when my boss asked me what I had bought. So, I took the record out its bag and showed it to him. "Carl Orff," he read aloud, and then added, "I knew his brother, Piss, (Orff)."

The above video clearly shows a trumpeter and a drummer, both with whom I would like to orchestrate a night of beautiful music-making.

Seriously, the symphony orchestra is one of the greatest achievements of the human race, and Carmina Burana showcases the wonder in one of its most vibrant forms.

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