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Gay Marriage in England and Wales!

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Congratulations to England and Wales. A bill to permit same-sex marriage has passed the House of Commons and is awaiting the approval of Her Majesty, a formality. The bill was supported by the Labour Party and the junior partner in the Government coalition, the Liberal Democrats, but needed some support from within the Conservative Party to pass. Prime Minister David Cameron gave it the support it needed to pass, so I suppose he's not a total prat. There is division within the Conservatives over the issue and the law does not apply to Scotland or Northern Ireland, the two other countries within the United Kingdom, but this is still good news.

BTW, a poll in The Telegraph, a Tory newspaper, show Labour on track to win a 100 seat majority in the next election.


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Brilliant news indeed. And Scotland is hard on the heels of England and Wales - on 27 June the comparable Marriage and Civil Partnerships Bill (Scotland) was introduced in the Scottish Parliament, with every prospect of success. Northern Ireland? Sadly, as usual, another story.

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Very awesome. Hopefully we'll end up with the first gay royal wedding in my lifetime. Although with my luck it'll end up being Charles...

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Just lay back and thank Britannia.

Hopefully the colonies in Australia will soon follow now that our Prime Minister (Rudd) is in favour of same sex marriage.

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