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Sherlock Returns Tonight!


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The new season of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock returns tonight at 10PM, ET, PT, 9PM CT on PBS! Did he really kill himself? Of course, we know he didn't because the producers cheated and showed him at the end of the previous season finale watching Watson at his grave. Still... I love this version of the Holmes canon. Very clever.


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Love this show. One of the best damned British imports of the last ten years.

I'm with you: I can't wait to find out how Mr. Holmes survived plummeting 50 feet off a building onto a sidewalk. (Oh, I know how the original Holmes survived the Reichenbach Falls in 1891; this is the new guy.)

I must have read every Conan-Doyle story about the master detective at least 20 or 30 times as a kid. I still have them all on my iPad. I should go back to reading them again.

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Hmm. Yes. Well..

One of the reasons I detested the numerous Star Trek reunion movies was the schlocky, smarmy, crap put in the movies to satisfy all the Trekies. The jokes, the sentimental junk made them almost intolerable to watch. Unfortunately, the first thirty minutes of the first episode of Season Three of Sherlock seemed like the equivalent of a Star Trek reunion flick. The amount of humor also seemed drastically unlike the previous episodes. His behavior was out of character. I was very disappointed.

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Guest Dabeagle

Hmm. I liked all the things in the Trek movies that reminded you of it's roots, and I hate the crappy 'blow it all up and screw the fans who have been fans for 30+ years'. I mourned the franchise when J.J. Abrams said - "I'm not making a movie for Star Trek fans, I'm making a movie for movie fans.

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I must say I think J.J. Abrams has done a good job with Star Trek, though I hate it when they talk about 're-booting' as if the original wasn't somehow good enough. And then there's 'the franchise' and how they're going to 'monetise the franchise with product' generally aimed at kids (lunchboxes, dolls, condoms, etc).

Back in the day they'd make a film. Full stop. Then, they'd make a film and if it was financially successful you'd get a sequel - often a pale imitation (Jaws). Now, they plan in advance to make a series and stretch the material as f a r as possible (The Hobbit). It irks.

A case in point is Sherlock which has become a big money franchise. Mildly panicked at their phenomenal success I think the writers have gone up their own bottoms. Did you like the utterly bloody ludicrous ingenious way Sherlock survived?

In the next set of three (in production) apparently Moriarty - who shot himself at the end of the first season - is back....



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Show's been great this season. I'm crushed that the third show airs in America this weekend (right after the Super Bowl, ironically), and it's the end of Holmes for another year. Awful. I really wish they could do 12 one-hour shows every year like Downton, Torchwood, and most of the other British shows.

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