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Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

There are two threads on reddit with free items - some are eBooks, software, coupons and the other is for free physical items. I just doewnloaded a program called Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition, normally 100.00 for nothing. I haven't tried it yet, no idea if it will be useful to me, but hey!

eFreebies and Freebies


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Guest Dabeagle

The comp I built is pretty decent, but I use it mainly for gaming. I've started migrating things over as my current desktop is a little long in the tooth. The new one I bought a case for and it was a little larger than I expected - but I should have known better since the manufacturer named it 'Thor'. I put 16g in it, but I think it has two or three more open slots. an AMD FX-8120 8 core processor, 64 bit Win 7 and a 250g SSHDD. It runs things that my old computer choked on, and the new graphics program started right up - the code was mailed to me and as soon as I have the energy I'll try seeing what it can do - or more, what I can make it do.

I've gotten some of the eBooks, one for two on the dud meter so far. One was just awful, but the second is pretty good. Downloaded through Amazon - most stuff seems pretty legit. *shrug* use or not, thought I'd share.

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